Support for Home Networks

Support for Home Networks analyzes the consumer demand for technical support services for home networks. It begins with an overview of the technical problems consumers experience with home networks and how they currently resolve those problems. It then investigates the current adoption rate of subscription support services that cover home networks and contrasts current adoption against consumer demand for subscription services covering home networks.

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Support for Home Networks

About the Research

Previous Research

The Market for Subscription Technical Support Services (Q4/13)

The Evolution of Tech Support: Trends and Outlook (Q4/13)

Automating Consumer Technical Support (Q3/13)

Creating Holistic Consumer Technology Support Services (Q4/12)

Warranties and Support Services for Smartphones, TVs and MP3 Players (Q3/12)

Key Findings


Market Overview

Home Network Adoption (2009 - 2013)

Home Network Purchases (2008-2012)

Average Selling Price of Home Networks (2008 - 2012)

Home Networks: Top Five Brands Purchased (2010 - 2012)

Home Network Purchase Location (Q1/13)

Home Network Purchases by Retail Store (Q1/13)

Average Number of Connected Devices Owned per BB HH (2010 - 2013)

Difficulty in Giving up CE Devices (Q3/13)

Frequency of Connected Device Problems (Q4/12)

Home Network Problems (2010 vs. 2013)

Total Types of Home Network Problems Experienced (Q3/13)

Support Agent Interactions

Interaction with Technical Support Agent (Q3/13)

Home Network Support: Type of Agent Contacted (Q3/13)

Home Network Support: Method of Interacting with Technical Support Agents (Q3/13)

Home Network Support: Problem Resolution (Q3/13)

Home Network Support: Satisfaction with Technical Assistance (Q3/13)

Home Network Support: Out-of-Pocket Expenses (Q3/13)

Home Network Support: Changing Providers Due To Support Experience (Q3/13)

Home Network Set-Up

New Setups Over the Past 12 Months (Q3/12)

The Person Setting Up the New Device (Q3/12)

Inconvenience of Set-up by Device (Q3/12)

Number of Problems Experienced when Setting Up Device (Q3/12)

Average Number of Problems By Device (Q3/12)

Home Networks: Actions Taken When Setting Up the New Device (Q3/12)

Average Number of Actions Taken During Set-Up (Q3/12)

Adoption of Subscription Support Services

Technical Support Service Subscription (Q3/13)

Number of Devices Covered in Packages by Technical Support Subscription Segments (Q3/13)

Average Cost of Current Subscription Support Services (Q3/13)

Expected Cost of Technical Support Services (Q3/13)

Subscription Technical Support Service and Home Network Ownership (Q3/13)

Devices Covered by Subscription Technical Support Services (Q3/13)

Subscription Support for Home Networks: Length of Subscription (Q3/13)

Subscription Support for Home Networks: Support Provider (Q3/13)

Devices Considered for Technical Support Plans (Q3/13)

Devices Covered by Previous Technical Support Plans (Q3/13)

Devices Covered by Extended Warranty (Q3/13)

Demand for Home Network Support Services

Demand Test for a Broad Range of Support Services

Interest in New Technical Support Services (Q3/12)

Interest in New Technical Support Services - Cont. (Q3/12)

Devices Considered for New Technical Support Service (Q3/12)

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Publish Date: 1Q 2014

Slides: 67

Authored By:
John Barrett - Director of Consumer Analytics
Yilan Jiang - Senior Director of Consumer Analytics

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