COVID-19 Impact on Communications and Entertainment

COVID-19 is impacting everyone’s business. In the coming weeks, companies will be inundated with quick but questionable data points about how this incident impacts consumers’ behavior and spending priorities. Item is available to purchase now, with the deliverable added to your Reading Room once it is published.

Consumer technology industries, especially the entertainment/communications services, content, and devices, need thoughtful, strategic research that quantifies the impact of COVID-19 on the market for the next several quarters. As with previous public health incidents, the majority of economic impacts will come from changes and aversions in consumer behaviors. Their behavior and spending priorities will shift now and in the future, and this research will help address short- and long-term questions.

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Online Survey of 5,000 US Broadband Households, Fielded in April 2020

• The impact on consumers and children isolated at home (potentially with less income) and which entertainment and communication services will be cancelled, added, downgraded, or upgraded

• Key information sources and the offerings that encourage adoption or discourage cancellation

• The entertainment and computing electronics purchases that will be accelerated, delayed, or dropped as result of recent events — identify the offerings and conditions that encourage buying and impact of social distancing on choice of purchase channels

• New behaviors and spending habits among in the COVID-19 environment

• Broadband speed: time spent working at home and the impact on broadband speed and home

Publish Date: 2Q 2020

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Steve Nason - Research Director

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