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2016 Agenda

CONNECTIONS™ sessions offer a mix of market research, analysis, and industry insight. This approach is unique among conferences and necessary to capture the complexity and see the opportunities in these interconnected markets. Contact Parks Associates with questions.

Tuesday, May 24


Engaging the Connected Consumer

8:00 AM

Registration Open

8:15 AM

CONNECTIONS Europe 2016Networking Breakfast - Grand Peninsula D
Sponsored by CONNECTIONS™ Europe: Smart Home, IoT, and the Connected Consumer

8:30 AM

Welcome to CONNECTIONS™: Disruptions, Engagement, Technology Integration, and New Partnerships for IoT - Regency Ballroom

Stuart Sikes, President of Parks Associates, sets the stage with a summary of important consumer technology developments in 2016. He analyzes the top disruptions, trends, consumer engagement strategies and adoption trends, and the impact of technology integration and new partnerships within each ecosystem of the consumer IoT.

8:45 AM

Looking Back - Understanding Growth in the Connected Home Ecosystems - Regency Ballroom

Join Parks Associates and other industry experts as they discuss the history of the connected consumer and the emergence of the connected home as the Internet of Things. This session addresses the evolution of connected home technologies and services over the past 20 years, including broadband, home networking, mobility, and connected devices.


Tricia Parks, CEO, Parks Associates

Duane Paulson, Senior Vice President Product & Market Development, Nortek Security & Control

Dr. Kenneth Wacks, President, Home, Building & Utility Systems

9:15 AM

Icontrol Networks - CONNECTIONS 2016 - Service Porviders and Smart Home DevicesService Providers and Device Makers: Smart Home Friends or Foes? - Regency Ballroom - Sponsored by Icontrol Networks

This session, sponsored by Icontrol Networks, brings perspectives from service providers and device manufacturers to share how services and technologies are impacting the smart home and connected consumer. Incorporating findings from Icontrol Networks’ research, this panel addresses the complex relationship between the device and service ecosystems and explores whether one needs the other to integrate successfully into the smart home. Panelists discuss consumer engagement and expectations in the smart home and business models in BYOD and did-it-for-me (DIFM) solutions that extend the roles of manufacturers and service providers.


Amena Ali, SVP and General Manager, WeatherBug Home

Kristine Faulkner, Vice President / General Manager, Home Security & Smart Home, Cox

Scott Harkins, Vice President IoT Partner Programs, Honeywell Connected Home

Letha McLaren, CMO, Icontrol Networks

Moderator: Stuart Sikes, President, Parks Associates

10:15 AM

Opening Keynote - Platform Disruption: Overcoming IoT Adoption Challenges - Regency Ballroom

Daniel Herscovici, SVP & GM, XFINITY Home, Comcast Cable - CONNECTIONS Keynote

Daniel Herscovici
SVP & GM, Xfinity Home

Comcast - CONNECTIONS 2015 keynote

Daniel Herscovici, Senior Vice President and General Manager of XFINITY Home, discusses the importance of and strategy behind unifying the consumer experience of the Internet of Things. As the use of smart home devices increases, quality customer experiences decrease. This rapid market adoption has the potential to cause industry-wide issues. Daniel discusses the solution—a disruptive platform approach that will set the standard for the future of IoT.

10:45 AM

Home8 - CONNECTIONS SponsorNetworking Break - Grand Peninsula Ballroom D
Sponsored by Home8

11:15 AM

Driving Value with New Use Cases in the Smart Home - Regency Ballroom

Connectivity enables new opportunities to create value. Platform vendors and manufacturers are aggressively connecting with each other to drive value for consumers as standards groups seek to simplify the complexity of integration. This session examines the value of integration, the challenges in managing partnerships, and the opportunities to simplify and streamline integration.


Winifred Chang, Director IoT Business Development, LG Electronics

Jay Kenny, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Alarm.com

Curt Schacker, VP, Managing Director, Connected Products, EVRYTHNG

Mark Skarpness, Chair of the IoTivity Steering Group, Open Connectivity Foundation

Mike Stauffer, Senior Director, Business Development, Qualcomm Atheros, Inc.

Moderator: Tom Kerber, Director, Research, Home Controls & Energy, Parks Associates

12:15 PM

NXP - CONNECTIONS SponsorNetworking Lunch - Atrium
Sponsored by NXP

Split Sessions: New Services and Platforms

1:15 PM

Disruption in Interfaces: Evolving Cloud Services and Content Access - Grand Peninsula EF

Nearly 90% of U.S. broadband households watch video on a streaming media device or smart TV. OTT has challenged the traditional pay-TV model, and service providers are incorporating new cloud services and delivery methods into their offerings. This session addresses the disruptive effect of new content options on the user experience, including cloud DVR offerings and strategies to integrate existing OTT content into a unified user interface. This panel examines challenges and opportunities for the pay-TV industry to personalize and enhance the consumer experience.


Jonathan Beavon, Director Strategy, Video Software & Solutions, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Chris Drake, Vice President, Business Development, thePlatform

John Driver, CEO, Lynx Technology

David Mowrey, VP of Product Management, Clearleap

Scott Williams, EVP Americas, Piksel

Moderator: Glenn Hower, Research Analyst, Parks Associates

IoT: Smart Home and Connected Health Applications - Grand Peninsula ABC

Health and wellness applications and services will play a large role in the smart home, driving innovations in security, wearables, and interoperability and influencing all parts of the connected home experience. This session focuses on current developments in connected health and charts the next steps for a more holistic connected home experience.


Joe Liu, CEO, MivaTek / Home8

Kian Saneii, Chief Executive Officer, Independa, Inc

Tim Smokoff, Group Vice President, Health & Wellness, Nortek Security & Control

Krijn van der Raadt, Vice President of IT and Software Development, GreatCall

Gene Wang, CEO & Co-founder, People Power

Moderator: Harry Wang, Sr. Director, Research, Health & Mobile Product Research, Parks Associates

2:15 PM

Keynote - Accelerating Smart Home Adoption through Voice Control and Alexa - Regency Ballroom

Amazon Keynote Speaker - CONNECTIONS Conference

David Isbitski
Chief Evangelist Alexa and Echo

Amazon - CONNECTIONS Conference Keynote

Voice control is breaking into the smart home market in a big way. Using voice as a device and application interface enables customers to interact with smart home devices in a more intuitive way and indicates the beginning of the post-app era of consumer engagement. But what are the limits, if any, to a product that provides hands-free interface to the smart home, voice-controlled search, and now voice-controlled banking? This keynote session addresses what role voice control will play as the ecosystem of partners grows and use cases expand across traditionally separate verticals.

2:45 PM

PlumChoice - CONNECTIONS SponsorIoT: Protecting the Consumer Experience - Regency Ballroom - Sponsored by PlumChoice

Security and privacy top the list of consumer concerns with connected products and systems. More than 40% of U.S. broadband households are interested in services that protect privacy and manage online consumer information. This session assesses support service models that address current challenges and align customer experiences with expectations. Panelists also discuss new opportunities for service providers to holistically manage the consumer experience.


Rob Conant, CEO, Cirrent

Lee Gruenfeld, VP of Strategic Initiatives, Support.com

John Kieny, VP, Business Development, CSS Corp

Channing Lai, Director, Product Management, PlumChoice

William Oget, VP of Engineering, Arrayent

Moderator: Patrice Samuels, Research Analyst, Parks Associates

3:45 PM

Tyco - CONNECTIONS SponsorNetworking Break - Grand Peninsula Ballroom D
Sponsored by Tyco

Split Sessions: New Consumer Experiences

4:15 PM

CE Innovations to Navigate VR and Personalize the Content Ecosystem - Grand Peninsula EF

The value of connected devices is often measured in their connections to content and their ability to mirror the desires of their users. Today’s CE must provide simple methods to add (and remove) multiple content streams while balancing a complex array of data to present a personalized experience. For the consumer, the division between device and content is already blurred, and innovations in virtual and augmented reality could finally erase the distinction. This panel examines current content strategies, the perspectives of consumers, content providers, and device manufacturers, and how upcoming innovations will impact the relationship between CE and content.


Noam Geri, VP Sales & Business Development, U.S., Giraffic

Paul T. Kim, Director, Content & Services, Samsung

Danny Vossen, Director Innovation & Strategic Partnerships, Technicolor

Moderator: Barbara Kraus, Director, Research, Parks Associates

Smart Home: Making Products Interoperable and Easy to Use - Grand Peninsula ABC

Today’s smart home products have to not only offer important features but must be easy to install, integrate, and operate -- wirelessly and seamlessly. This panel offers success stories in product design and implementation and outlines factors critical to success in today’s high-value, high-volume product space.


Erik Davidson, Director of Product Management, CEL

Aditya Pendyala, Head of Growth, mnubo

Joe Wytanis, Sr. Director & Strategist, Connected Living, Consumer Technology Group, Flex

Moderator: Eddie Accomando, Research Analyst, Parks Associates

Split Sessions: Speeding Up the IoT Evolution

4:45 PM

Connected Cars: Innovation and New Consumer Experiences - Grand Peninsula EF

The connected car market has been running in parallel with the smart home markets, and both are poised for substantial expansion in 2016. Nearly two-thirds of current car owners want connected features in their next car, with a variety of connected activities driving this interest. Auto makers will increasingly form partnerships with connected home providers to capture consumer interest in this early market. This session examines the convergence of the connected car and the smart home and the use cases that appeal most to consumers.


Matt Bornski, Director and Chief Architect of Enterprise Services, Wink

Navin Ganeshan, Chief Product Officer, Zubie

David Jumpa, Chief Revenue Officer, Airbiquity, Inc.

Diomedes Kastanis, Chief Technology Officer, Ericsson

Moderator: Jennifer Kent, Director, Research Quality & Product Development, Parks Associates

IoT and Smart Home Devices: Privacy and Security - Grand Peninsula ABC

Nearly 50% of U.S. broadband households have concerns about their privacy related to the use of connected devices. If not addressed, these concerns, often stoked by high-profile hacking incidents, could derail growth in the smart home and IoT. This session addresses the importance of tackling privacy concerns as the smart home enters the next stage of development. Panelists examine the biggest vulnerabilities, steps to implement protective solutions, and strategies to communicate these security measures to the consumer, including the role of the media.


Adrian Caceres, Co-Founder and CTO, Ayla Networks

Jim Hunter,  Chief Scientist and Technology Evangelist,  Greenwave Systems

Bruce Snell, Cybersecurity and Privacy Director, Intel Security

ModeratorBrad Russell, Research Analyst, Parks Associates

5:30 PM

CEL - CONNECTIONS Reception SponsorNetworking Reception - Grand Peninsula Ballroom D
Sponsored by CEL

7:30 PM

Celebrating 20 Years!!! - Grand Peninsula Ballroom D

Join Parks Associates to celebrate 20 years with a dance party that looks back on two decades of technology innovations.


Wednesday, May 25


Meeting Current Consumer Demands and Expectations

7:15 AM

Registration Open

7:30 AM

Greenwave Systems - CONNECTIONS ResearchNetworking Breakfast - Grand Peninsula Ballroom D
Sponsored by Greenwave Systems

8:30 AM

Welcome – Connected Entertainment in the IoT - Regency Ballroom

Parks Associates Research Directors open Day Two with an overview of the connected entertainment ecosystems and the connections that make this sector part of the consumer-based IoT.


Barbara Kraus, Director, Research, Parks Associates

Brett Sappington, Sr. Director, Research, Parks Associates

9:00 AM

OTT and the Transformation of Pay TV - Regency Ballroom

Almost two-thirds of U.S. broadband homes subscribe to an OTT video service. Meanwhile, pay TV is struggling for subscriber growth. Streaming and multiscreen usage have altered consumer viewer habits so deeply that all aspects of the industry are impacted, including service delivery, content creation and production, and display devices. This session discusses the next steps for OTT video services, the pay-TV world, and the changing role of the service provider in the living room.


Andy Chambers, VP, Connected Home, Assurant Solutions

Mike Fisher, Vice President, Product Strategy & Business Development, BrightLine

Michael Hawkey, SVP & General Manager, Discovery Business Group, Rovi

Arlen Marmel, VP of Marketing and Distribution, Ellation

Elisabetta Romano, Vice President and Head of TV & Media, Ericsson

Moderator: Brett Sappington, Sr. Director, Research, Parks Associates

10:00 AM

Keynote - Being the Service Provider of the Future - Regency Ballroom

Cablevision - CONNECTIONS Keynote Speaker

Rob Comstock
Executive Vice President, Operations
Cablevision Systems Corporation

Cablevision - CONNECTIONS 2016 Keynote

10:30 AM

Nortek - CONNECTIONS SponsorNetworking Break - Grand Peninsula Ballroom D
Sponsored by Nortek Security & Control

Split Sessions: Improved User Experiences: Privacy and Support

11:00 AM

Risky Business: Piracy and Protecting Content in an OTT World - Grand Peninsula EF

OTT services continue to disrupt the traditional content distribution model, but while demand for content is strong, U.S. broadband households spend less than $1 per month buying and less than $1 per month renting digital video, indicating they are not yet inclined to pay for video on an asset-by-asset basis. Meanwhile, technologies that created the OTT video economy also increased the risk for piracy. This session examines DRM systems and the prevalence of credential swapping and piracy versus the value of a superior user experience.


Shane Keats, Director of Industry Marketing, Media and Entertainment, Akamai Technologies

Paul Moroney, SVP Advanced Technology, ARRIS

Petr Peterka, Chief Technology Officer, Verimatrix

Mitch Singer, President, Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem

Robin Wilson, VP Business Development, NAGRA

Moderator: Glenn Hower, Research Analyst, Parks Associates

Seamless Interoperability: IoT and Smart Home - Grand Peninsula ABC

Smart home monitoring and control systems are installed in just over 10% of U.S. broadband households and less than 2% of Western European broadband households. As more smart home devices proliferate in both markets, interoperability will be the key to creating smart home systems, rather than a disparate collection of devices. This session examines the vast number of products within the consumer IoT and how companies can stay competitive with differentiated products while still offering robust interoperability across all devices.


Avi Barel, Business Development Director, ULE Alliance

Mike Harris, CEO, Zonoff

Daniel Moneta, Chairman of the Marketing Working Group, ZigBee Alliance

Kevin Robinson, VP Marketing, Wi-Fi Alliance

Bill Scheffler, Director of NA Sales and Business Development, Sigma Designs/Z-Wave

Moderator: Tom Kerber, Director, Research, Home Controls & Energy, Parks Associates

12:00 PM

Coldwell Banker - CONNECTIONS Sponsor Networking Lunch - Atrium
Sponsored by Coldwell Banker

1:00 PM

Post-Lunch Networking - Grand Peninsula Ballroom D

Split Sessions: Connecting Devices to Business Models

1:15 PM

Smart Home Devices: Changing Business Models - Grand Peninsula ABC

Connectivity to the cloud has created a new breed of IoT products and services that consumers can remotely monitor and control. These capabilities are strong drivers both to stimulate consumer demand and create new revenue opportunities. This panel examines the ongoing evolution of business models in security, controls, automation, and energy.


David Carter, Co-Founder and CEO, WiZR

Duane Paulson, Senior Vice President Product & Market Development, Nortek Security & Control

Brandon Ridenour, Chief Technology Officer, HomeAdvisor, Inc.

Nate Williams, Chief Revenue Officer, August Home Inc

Brett Worthington, VP of Global Business Development and General Manager for Americas, SmartThings

Moderator: Brad Russell, Research Analyst, Parks Associates

Smartphone Apps and APIs: Lifeline for the Connected Consumer - Grand Peninsula EF

The smartphone is the fulcrum for nearly every activity in the connected lifestyle and smart home. This session examines the consumer relationship with the smartphone and how apps, APIs, and smart home and connected entertainment solutions are adjusting to its ubiquity. Speakers discuss the growing control functionality of the smartphone and its integration into every ecosystem in the IoT.


Kent Dickson, Co-founder and CEO, Yonomi

Kimmo Ruotoistenmäki, CEO and co-founder, Cozify

Matt Swatsky, Director of Product Management, Lutron

Justin Wong, VP Business Development, IFTTT Inc.

Moderator: Harry Wang, Sr. Director, Research, Health & Mobile Product Research, Parks Associates

Split Sessions: Expanding Functionality for the IoT Experience

2:15 PM

Security Innovations: Expanding the Smart Home Experience - Grand Peninsula ABC

Safety and security are the foundation of value for the smart home. As the number of new players, new technologies, and alternative solutions enter the market, consumers have many new options to serve their safety and security needs as well as innovations that will expand the smart home experience. This panel examines product and service innovations driving growth in the security industry and the smart home.


Vincent Borel, Director of New Ventures, Logitech

R.K. Gopinath, Executive Director, Products - Smart & Connected Home, Cox Communications

Denis Noel, Lead Product Manager, IoT Security, NXP Semiconductors

Chris Rill, Co-founder and CTO, Canary

Larry Waxman, President & CEO, leakSMART

Ohad Zeira, Director, Consumer IoTVerizon

Moderator: Tom Kerber, Director, Research, Home Controls & Energy, Parks Associates

Personalizing Connected Entertainment: Metrics and Big Data - Grand Peninsula EF

Products will be differentiated by their ability to anticipate users’ needs. The companies that first leverage big data to retain consumer profiles, share them across platforms, and ensure privacy and security will be the winners. This session examines the role of big data in premium TV services as well as current successes and future strategies in using advanced metrics to make connections with consumers, bridging the gaps between audience, content provider, and advertisers.


Eric Anderson, SVP and General Manager of Video Personalization, Gracenote

Mike Rich, Vice President, Emergent, comScore, Inc.

Tim Schaaff, Chief Product Officer, Intertrust

Tom Waters, Sr. Manager, Market Intelligence, Jabil

Moderator: Glenn Hower, Research Analyst, Parks Associates

3:15 PM

Home Advisor - CONNECTIONS SponsorNetworking Break - Grand Peninsula Ballroom D
Sponsored by HomeAdvisor

3:45 PM

Reinvention of the CE Industry - Regency Ballroom

Adding connectivity to CE has been wildly successful, as more than two-thirds of U.S. broadband households now have an entertainment device connected to the Internet. The CE industry is moving from one defined by hardware to a business of virtualized products, OTT content, and new advertising models. This session addresses the impact of content ecosystems on the device manufacturing industries and traditional business models. Panelists examine the mix of streaming services, software solutions, connected devices, and cloud services that are redefining the CE business model.


Chris Jones, VP of Technology, iRobot

Tom Love, VP of Consumer Insights, Roku

Perry Weinstein, VP & General Manager North America, Accedo

Moderator: Barbara Kraus, Director, Research, Parks Associates

4:30 PM

IoT: Wearables and Smart Home Use Cases - Regency Ballroom

The use cases for wearable technology will grow as consumers learn about different benefits, such as health and fitness tracking, independent living, and effortless home control. Consumers may first buy a smart watch for the “wow” factor, but its “always-on-your body” nature and growing app ecosystem allow it to support smart home experiences such as locking/unlocking doors, turning on/off lights, tracking sleep patterns, and assistance alerts. Wearables will also evolve into more form factors and become embedded into other objects, such as shoes and jewelry. This session addresses the market opportunities for wearables and the innovations that will increase consumer interest.


Dave Evans, CTO, Stringify

Francis Hoe, Operations Manager, Misfit Wearables, a Fossil Company

Mark Prince, Vice President Consumer Business, Withings

Moderator: Harry Wang, Sr. Director, Research, Health & Mobile Product Research, Parks Associates

5:00 PM

Keynote - Driving Mass-Market Adoption of the Smart Home - Regency Ballroom

CONNECTIONS US - Keynote speaker - Robert Parker, SmartThings

Robert Parker
SVP of Engineering

SmartThings - CONNECTIONS Keynote Speaker

SmartThings’ mission has always been to deliver the easiest way to turn a home into a smart home while building an open platform that enables innovation and collaboration across the industry. These two elements are key to driving mass adoption of the smart home, and SmartThings is working to deliver this on a global scale by enabling IoT technology everywhere from TVs to appliances to cars and more. Robert Parker, SmartThings’ SVP of Engineering, will discuss best practices and strategy around how to expand the smart home market, including ways to drive consumer usage once these solutions are in the home.

5:30 PM

Closing Comments - Regency Ballroom

5:45 PM

Zonoff - CONNECTIONS SponsorsNetworking Reception - Grand Peninsula Ballroom D
Sponsored by Zonoff


Thursday, May 26


Innovations to Capture the Future

7:30 AM

leakSMART - CONNECTIONS SponsorNetworking Breakfast - Grand Peninsula Ballroom D
Sponsored by leakSMART

8:15 AM

Opening Comments: A Look at IoT 2.0 - Regency Ballroom

Innovations in the smart home offer constant disruption and increasing opportunities. Parks Associates starts the third day of CONNECTIONS™ with a look at some of the new connected technologies entering the home and maps the implications for current ecosystem players.

8:30 AM

Energy, IoT, and Smart Home Partnerships - Regency Ballroom

More than 30% of U.S. broadband households find IoT use cases for energy management very appealing. A comprehensive smart home strategy offers a variety of services that require expertise from multiple sectors. This session examines the business partnerships and the groundwork necessary to achieve the vision of an IoT-enabled smart home.


Paul Campbell, VP Innovation / Head of Silicon Valley Innovation Center, Schneider Electric

Corey Chao, Innovation Manager, Connected Home, NRG/Reliant

Seth Frader-Thompson, Co-Founder and President, EnergyHub

Carl Lenox, Solution Architect, SunPower Corporation

Kevin Petersen, President, AT&T Digital Life

Moderator: Tom Kerber, Director, Research, Home Controls & Energy, Parks Associates

9:30 AM

Keynote - The Transition from Connected Home to Smart Home - Regency Ballroom

Matt Eyring - Vivint Smart Home - CONNECTIONS 2016 Keynote

Matt Eyring

Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer

Vivint Smart Home

Vivint Smart Home - CONNECTIONS Keynote

The best consumer experience is one that anticipates your everyday needs and delivers an elegant, integrated solution. This keynote addresses how breakthrough user interfaces and intelligence combine to create the best user experience for consumers to create the smart home of the future.

10:00 AM

State Farm - CONNECTIONS SponsorNetworking Break - Grand Peninsula Ballroom D
Sponsored by State Farm

Split Sessions:  Interoperability to Boost Access and Personalization


10:30 AM

Support Strategies to Integrate Smart Devices in the IoT - Grand Peninsula ABC

Connectivity creates new challenges in smart home devices, from installation to ongoing updates. Many device owners report problems with setup, and over 40% would be willing to pay $10/month for a support service. These new needs, alongside the promise of new revenues, have pushed IoT and smart home providers into new and unfamiliar roles of support. This session examines strategies for these companies as they enter this new territory and areas that need support, including communication protocols, gateways, control platforms, applications, and operating systems. Panelists also discuss the challenges for smart home and IoT providers and identify areas for partnership and profit.


Peter Blanks, Vice President Technology, Asurion

Autumn Braswell, Chief Operating Officer, Enterprise Solutions Organization, LinQ, iQor

Emily Hossellman, Director of Marketing, Centercode

Moderator: Patrice Samuels, Research Analyst, Parks Associates

New CE Experiences in Voice, Gesture, and Control - Grand Peninsula EF

CE manufacturers are looking to expand the value of their products by providing new and unique ways to interact with them. Options such as gesture control and facial recognition open new value propositions in ease-of-use and content discovery. This session explores new form factors impacting the entertainment experience and alternate revenues emerging from innovative user interactions.


Kenn Harper, VP, Devices & Ecosystem, Nuance Communications

Peter Taylor, Vice President of Products, WeMo/Belkin

Ali M. Vassigh, Director of User Experience, EVA Automation

Moderator: Barbara Kraus, Director, Research, Parks Associates

Split Sessions: New Consumer Channels in the IoT

11:15 AM

Consumerization of Healthcare: Trends and Technology - Grand Peninsula EF

Healthcare is taking up a large part of the IoT, driven in large part by the demand for change in service delivery and quality, but many of the most at-risk consumers are still under-informed about new wellness options in the smart home. This session addresses the shift towards a consumer-centric model and new opportunities for healthcare technology companies, service providers, and smart home players. Speakers discuss new business models using connected devices to engage consumers and strategies to target key consumer segments with IoT solutions.


Chris Ely, Senior Manager, Industry Analysis, Consumer Technology Association

Kyle Kline, Telemedicine Product Marketing Manager, A&D Medical

Casey Pittock, President & CEO, Tunstall Americas

Lisa Uhrmacher, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Vodafone 

Moderator: Harry Wang, Sr. Director, Research, Health & Mobile Product Research, Parks Associates

IoT Channel Strategies: A New Consumer Experience - Grand Peninsula ABC

When purchasing smart home products, 65% of U.S. broadband households turn to the retail channel. Security dealers are also high on the list, with the benefit of a one-on-one sales model to communicate benefits and answer questions. As home systems, controls, and connected entertainment gain momentum, consumers will acquire products through multiple channels. This session explores the experience of buying connected home products and the implications for service providers, security providers, retailers, and DIY products.


Derrick Dicoi, Senior Director of Product Management for XFINITY Home, Comcast

V. Rory Jones, President and CEO, PlanetEcosystems

George Land, General Manager, Nexia, Ingersoll Rand

Kevin Meagher, SVP Business Development, ROC-Connect 

Dave Pedigo, Sr. Director of Learning & Emerging Technologies, CEDIA

Moderator: Jennifer Kent, Director, Research Quality & Product Development, Parks Associates

12:15 PM

Connected Health Summit - 2016 - Hosted by Parks AssociatesNetworking Lunch - Atrium
Sponsored by Connected Health Summit

1:15 PM

Keynote - Powering “What’s On” In A New World - Regency Ballroom

Michael Hawkey - CONNECTIONS Keynote Speaker - Rovi

Michael Hawkey
Senior Vice President and General Manager, Discovery Business Group

Rovi - CONNECTIONS Keynote

Michael Hawkey, senior vice president and general manager of the discovery business group at Rovi, explores the latest trends shaping entertainment discovery. Answering the simple question “What’s on?” has gotten increasingly complex with hundreds of channels, dozens of services, multiple screens, and a sea of apps to navigate. Consumer choice continues to increase with new skinny bundles, original content from streaming services, and premium channels selling direct to consumers. This keynote covers the evolution of discovery, takes a closer look at subscriber trends, and discusses the rising complexities of helping consumers find what they want to watch in today’s world.

1:45 PM

Growth and Investing in the IoT and Smart Home - Regency Ballroom

Continued investments in start-ups, new technologies, and cutting-edge software will drive the next wave of connected solutions. Parks Associates forecasts that by 2020, more than 24 million households will have a smart home controller, while revenues from robotic vacuum cleaners will exceed $425 million. This session highlights the next areas of investment for the consumer IoT and the products and services that are exciting to investors and VCs.


Chris Avery, Managing Director, Investment Banking, Maxim Group LLC

Amit Garg, Principal, Samsung

Rexford Hibbs, COO / Co-Founder, DreamFunded.com

Peg Jackson, Managing Director, Mooreland Partners

Vineet Mehta, Principal, Draper Fisher Jurvetson 

Michael Yang, Managing Director, Comcast Ventures

Moderator: Stuart Sikes, President, Parks Associates

2:45 PM

Q&A with Parks Associates Analyst Team - Regency Ballroom