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2014 Agenda

CONNECTIONS™ sessions offer a mix of market research, analysis, and industry insight. This approach is unique among conferences and necessary to capture the complexity of the Digital Living space and to see the opportunities in these interconnected markets.

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Tuesday, May 13


 Internet of Things: Emerging Devices and Services

 10 AM - 6 PM     Registration Open - Ballroom Foyer

 10:45 AM

Welcome to CONNECTIONS™ — Networking & Lunch - Salon F

 11:45 AM

Welcome: Understanding the Connected Consumer Parks Associates Research Team - Salon E

Parks Associates research analysts provide insights into the connected consumer, including CE and service adoption and usage trends.

 12:00 PM

Consumers and the Connected Home: Challenges, Trends, and Opportunities - Salon E

Over 80% of U.S. broadband households have a home network, creating a sizeable market for smart home and entertainment technologies and services. Consumers, as their usage of connected devices evolves, are redefining the value propositions for connected and mobile CE, home management and controls solutions, and security and monitoring platforms. This session sets the stage with an in-depth discussion of the market and an assessment of the key challenges as multiple industries converge within the connected home.

Marwan Afana
, Chief Solutions Architect, Connected Home Solutions, Amdocs 
Dan Kerzner, Chief Product Officer, Alarm.com
Steve Shapiro, VP, ADT
Jeff Wilson, Director of Product Management, NETGEAR

Moderator: Stuart Sikes, President, Parks Associates

 12:45 PM

Rocking the Boat: New User Experiences and Content Discovery - Salon E

Over 75% of U.S. homes now have broadband as well a growing number of Internet-connected devices, and since 2010, weekly video consumption has grown approximately 30%, to nearly 30 hours per week. The user interface has evolved from a functional purpose to a cultivated experience, with various players battling to own the interface, thereby owning the consumer. This session discusses innovations that are shaping the future of the user experience and how innovations in the user interface will change the connected home.

Yosi Glick, Co-founder & CEO, Jinni
Billy Purser
, Vice President of Marketing, Digitalsmiths, A TiVo Company
Gene Wang, CEO & Co-founder, People Power
Justin Whittaker, Co-founder, i.TV
Todd Viegut, CEO, Kannuu

Moderator: Brett Sappington, Director, Research, Parks Associates

 1:45 PM

Opening Keynote - Salon E

Differentiating TV with Apps in a Competitive, Multi-Screen Market

GW Shaw - AT&T - CONNECTIONS 2014 Keynote

GW Shaw
Vice President, U-verse and Video Products

AT&T - CONNECTIONS Keynote 2013

When TV providers deliver most of the same content, how do they differentiate in a highly competitive and rapidly changing environment? Content is still king, but AT&T believes content should be interactive and integrated with other devices and apps TV viewers use today. Utilizing its IP network, AT&T is able to deliver interactive and engaging television applications that not only enhance content, but the overall customer viewing experience. AT&T’s GW Shaw, Vice President of U-verse and Video Products, will provide perspective on how apps are driving interactivity, increased customer engagement and strong business results for AT&T U-verse TV.

2:30 PM

The Changing Role and Revenue Potential of Connected CE - Salon E

The average household has nearly seven connected CE devices, and the home entertainment ecosystem will continue to experience disruption as more companies enter the space and 4K reaches the mass market. CE, media, and service companies are packaging and delivering content in new and innovative ways on multiple devices, enabling companies to monetize the experience and generate new revenue streams. This session addresses new ways to monetize offerings, strategies to generate new revenue streams, and the impact on current business models.

Jim Funk, SVP Product Management, Roku
Kurt Hoppe
, Director of Innovation and New Business, LG
Brett Sappington
, Director, Research, Parks Associates
Rob Tobias, Senior Director, Strategic Marketing and Standards, Silicon Image, Inc.
Stephen Venuti, President, HDMI Licensing

Moderators: Barbara Kraus, Director, Research, Parks Associates

 3:30 PM

Refreshment Break - Salon F
Sponsored by Linear

Split Sessions: Innovative Services for the Connected Consumer


 4:00 PM



Wearable Computing: Driving New Connected Home Experiences - Salon AB

New products such as the smart watch promise to enhance current app usage and mobile services while creating new opportunities in digital health and home management. This panel analyzes current innovations in wearable computing and highlights the business opportunities for service and technology providers, component suppliers, and software designers.

Suke Jawanda
, Chief Marketing Officer, Bluetooth SIG
Anna Jen
, Director, New Ventures/New Products, Epson
Pankaj Kedia
, Sr. Director, New Business Development, Qualcomm
Renee Niemi
, Senior Vice President, Communication Solutions, Plantronics

Moderator: Harry Wang, Director, Health & Mobile Product Research, Parks Associates

Apps and Innovations for Entertainment Content, Services, and Devices - Salon CD

Mobile app revenues will exceed $27 billion by 2018. Apps are transforming all aspects of the connected home, from mobile to fixed platforms, and becoming the key avenue for companies to promote content and services to the end user. This session addresses the evolution of apps into a channel for cloud-based entertainment and services, the opportunities that companies are leveraging today, and where this unique channel will go in the future.

Mark Adams, VP & GM North America, Accedo
John Boyd
, Co-founder and CEO, ShopSavvy
Sean Galligan
, VP of Business Development and Sales, Flurry
Matthew McLeggon
, Business Development Director, FreeWheel
Maja Mrkoci, Director, Business Development, PBS

Moderator: Heather Way, Senior Analyst, Parks Associates

 5:00 PM

iControl Networks LogoNetworking Reception - Salon F
Sponsored by iControl Networks

Wednesday, May 14


Creating Content and Services for the Multiscreen, Multidevice Household

 7:15 AM - 6 PM     Registration Open - Ballroom Foyer

 7:30 AM

GreenWave Systems - CONNECTIONS 2014 SponsorContinental Breakfast - Salon F
Sponsored by
Greenwave Systems

 8:15 AM

Analyst Perspectives & Envision 2025 - Salon E

Parks Associates research team highlights growth areas within the connected home market through 2025.

 8:45 AM

Tech Support: Connected Home Strategies and Solutions - Salon E

More than one-third (34%) of consumers are uncomfortable setting up a TV, and 40% are not comfortable setting up a Wi-Fi network. As the connected home grows more complex, so does the importance of technical support. In a competitive marketplace for technical products and services, consumers no longer evaluate products solely on functionality but on overall experience. Tech support plays an increasingly important role in the product strategy of technology brands, helping consumers to navigate and have a seamless experience with products and services. This session examines ways in which the connected home is evolving and how technical support services should evolve to address this changing market.

Larry Gordon
, President, iYogi
Frank Kouretas
, Vice-President Products and Marketing, Radialpoint
Karen McPhillips
, Vice President, Marketing, PlumChoice
Amy Millard, Vice President Marketing, Support.com
Ratul Sengupta
, Vice President, Technology Enabled Services and Platform, Sutherland Global

Moderator: Patrice Samuels, Research Analyst, Parks Associates

 9:45 AM

Opening Keynote - Salon E

Gateways and Set-Top Box Evolution: Powering the Future of Home Infotainment

Charles Cheevers - ARRIS - CONNECTIONS 2014 Keynote

Charles Cheevers
CTO, Customer Premises Equipment


There is tremendous demand for more multiscreen solutions that navigate, select and play content on every device. Where do gateways and set-top boxes fit into the path forward? How can they be leveraged to increase Access Network speeds to the Cloud? What do they achieve for operators and consumers? From increased graphics capabilities to 4K video, from Cloud and Home DVR to Multiscreen Architectures, and from ATSC to IP Video, the ARRIS CTO of Customer Premise Equipment, Charles Cheevers, will provide an insightful and entertaining look at the perfect storm for the multiuser experience.

 10:15 AM

SmartRG - CONNECTIONS SponsorRefreshment Break - Salon F
Sponsored by SmartRG

Split Sessions: Resolving Tensions between Business and Consumer Demands


10:45 AM


OTT Services in a Pay-TV World - Salon AB

Approximately 60% of U.S. broadband households watch TV programming and movies online, and 45% subscribe to paid online video service. As viewers are turning to online video services, pay-TV providers need to understand the value of the OTT experience, the long-term impact of OTT, the impact of innovations such as 4K, and their future role in the OTT space. This session assesses these areas, the players, and the strategies that will shape the emerging OTT services market.

Jeff Berenson, SVP, Product Management, Rovi Corporation
Jim Denney, Vice President, General Manager, Product Marketing, TiVo
Ben Huang
, Head of Global Marketing, Mediaroom Business Group, Ericsson
Sean Knapp
, Co-Founder and EVP, Ooyala
David Wolf
, Managing Director, Accenture Digital 

Moderator: Brett Sappington, Director of Research, Parks Associates

Integrating Products and Smart Home Platforms - Salon CD

Consumer interest in the smart home crosses multiple categories, from security to white goods to energy, but the strength of that demand relies on a variety of products working seamlessly together. This session examines current efforts to achieve interoperability and its importance in realizing the vision of the connected home.

Lewis Brown
, President, MiOS
Tim Enwall
, CEO, Revolv
V. Rory Jones
, President and CEO, PlanetEcosystems
George Land
, General Manager, Ingersoll Rand Nexia Intelligence
Dan Lieberman
, Senior Director of Platform Strategy, SmartThings

Moderator: Tom Kerber, Director, Research, Home Controls & Energy, Parks Associates

11:45 AM

Keynote - Salon E

How Can the Internet of Everything Enable Connected Life

Joe Chow - Cisco Systems - CONNECTIONS Keynote

Joe Chow
VP/GM - Connected Devices
Cisco Systems, Inc.

Consumers and businesses have a lot to gain in moving towards a “Connected Life” proposition that fulfills the Internet of Everything (IoE) paradigm - and getting there will require the right combination of software, devices, and cloud technologies, not to mention an ecosystem to support the rapid development and deployment of new services.

This presentation will discuss the drivers of the Connected Life including consumer affinity for various connected services, the value and importance of data, the role of partnerships, and the new business models available to generate revenue.

12:15 PM

Connected Health SummitNetworking Lunch - Salon F
Sponsored by Connected Health Summit

Split Sessions: Cross-platform Strategies and New Revenues


1:15 PM



Managing Multiscreen Advertising: Data, Engagement, and Revenues - Salon AB

The growth of on-demand video and the rise of multiscreen delivery have drastically altered how content producers and owners attract viewers and monetize content. Advertising will continue to be a key revenue source for content providers and could even become a valuable part of the content experience, with the U.S. online video ad market reaching $5.8 billion by 2017, according to Parks Associates. This session addresses new strategies for engagement and revenue growth for multiscreen advertising.

Mike Fisher
, Director, Strategy and Innovation, BrightLine
Cathy Hetzel, Corporate President, Rentrak
Ashwin Navin, CEO and Co-Founder, Samba TV
Vamshi Sriperumbudur, VP of Platform Marketing, YuMe
Tal Ball, General Manager, Addressability, Gracenote

Moderator: Heather Way, Senior Analyst, Parks Associates

Smart Home Bundled Services: Crossing Industry Sectors to Meet Consumer Demand - Salon CD

The smart home lacks a concise value proposition. This is no killer app. Instead a combination of multiple features is driving demand for smart home systems. Parks Associates research shows consumer interest is strong but divided among safety, security, and energy management packages. This panel looks at the consumer segments emerging in the market, the impact of these divisions on service design and offerings, and the steps to achieve the necessary flexibility to reach maximum adoption rates.

Joe Dada
Julie Hance
, VP North America, AlertMe
Joe Jankosky
, Director, Intelligent Home Vertical Markets, Time Warner Cable
Duane Paulson
, SVP, Linear LLC
Robert J. Puric
, Director Product Management – Connected Home, Honeywell Security Group

Moderator: Maia Hinkle, Research Analyst, Parks Associates

Split Sessions: Breaking Traditional Service Barriers


2:30 PM



Cracking the Window: New Trends in Content Rights - Salon AB

Antipiracy solutions and the proliferation of digital media and networked devices are requiring companies to add additional elements to their solutions, which could in turn frustrate consumers seeking a mulitscreen experience. This session addresses new solutions that ensure content protection for linear and on-demand content while giving consumer the flexibility they now expect with their content.

Scott Bagby
, SVP of Strategic & International Partnerships, Rdio
Jim Louderback
, GM Discovery, Discovery Digital Networks
Ted May
, SVP of Strategy & Business Affairs, Synacor Inc
Marty Roberts
, SVP of Sales and Marketing, thePlatform
Jeff Ulin
, General Counsel, Irdeto

Moderator: Glenn Hower, Research Analyst, Parks Associates

Extending Services to Connected Devices: APIs for Business Innovations - Salon CD

APIs could be key building blocks in the connected home. They can extend the value of existing platforms within the home, creating competitive advantages for manufacturers and opening avenues for third-party solution providers and digital media publishers and distributors. In this session, industry experts discuss the impact of APIs and their role in the design and sales of connected devices. They also examine the business models and case studies emerging from several industry sectors that use these tools to create new user experiences.

Hugo Fiennes
, Founder & CEO, Electric Imp
Stuart Lombard
, President and CEO, ecobee
Letha McLaren
, Vice President, Product Management, iControl Networks
Kenneth Wacks, Chair, ISO/IEC Home Electronic System
Steve Willmott
, CEO, 3Scale

Moderator: Harry Wang, Director, Health & Mobile Product Research, Parks Associates

3:30 PM

AlertMe - CONNECTIONS 2014 SponsorNetworking Break - Salon F
Sponsored by AlertMe

4:00 PM

Smart Home Devices - Salon E

Smart products are entering the home in increasing numbers. Many products are purchased independently and are not part of a larger smart home system. OEMs have a variety of approaches available to extend the value of smart products, but they must decide how far up the smart home value chain they can play. In addition, OEMs face decisions on whether or not to adopt a peer-to-peer communication standard and if it is in their best interest to integrate with smart home platforms. Providing open APIs and opening up smart products to the app development community are other choices with their own risks and rewards. This session examines the many decisions facing manufacturers of smart products.

Jeff McInnis, CEO, SmartRG
Charles A. Peters
, Senior Executive Vice President, Emerson
Joerg Tewes
, Vice President, Digital Home Business Group, Logitech
Nate Williams
, Chief Marketing Officer, Greenwave Systems

Moderator: Tom Kerber, Director, Research, Home Controls & Energy, Parks Associates

5:00 PM

Closing Keynote - Salon E

Greg Roberts - iControl Networks - CONNECTIONS 2014 Keynote

The Internet of Toothbrushes? A Look at the Connected Home Market

Greg Roberts
VP, Marketing,
iControl Networks

iControl Networks - CONNECTIONS 2014 Keynote

Everyone is talking about the Internet of Things, and it seems that everything in the home is now generating data. Even common household items such as scales, refrigerators and toothbrushes can be connected to the cloud to deliver more value to the consumer. But what is driving smart home adoption now, and where are we going from here?

Greg Roberts, Vice President of Marketing at iControl Networks, will provide an overview of today’s connected home marketplace, how it got here and what's next.  The keynote will address key consumer research insights that will shed light on what’s driving mass market smart home adoption today, innovation needed for continued growth momentum in the future, and barriers that may hinder progress.

5:30 PM

Networking Reception - Salon F
Sponsored by Parks Associates




Thursday, May 15

Building Value-Added Services for Future Users


7:30 AM           Registration Open - Ballroom Foyer

7:30 AM

Continental Breakfast - Salon F
Sponsored by Ayla Networks

8:30 AM

Top 10 Industry Challenges - Salon E

Parks Associates analysts highlight the industry’s top 10 challenges.

8:45 AM

Connected Consumers: Entertainment Services and Connected Devices - Salon E

Key to the survival of today's service providers is securing the next generation of consumers. Online video is the most important source of video for consumers 18-24, with nearly 40% ranking it as their top source of video. In this session, speakers share research and insights on the interests and attitudes of Millennials, the segments emerging within this group, and the next generation of consumer segments coming up behind them.

Brian Jaquet, Director, Marketing, Sling Media
David Stevenson, President, Customer Experience Solutions, Alcatel-Lucent
Gavin Teo, Investment Manager, Comcast Ventures
Olivier Wellmann, VP Product, NAGRA

Moderator: John Barrett, Director, Consumer Analytics, Parks Associates

9:45 AM

Keynote - Salon E


The Car…Just Another Connected Device?

Ken Durand
Vice President, Innovation and Business Development


Ericsson - CONNECTIONS 2014 Keynote

As the world marches toward 50 billion connected devices, virtually everyone recognizes the Connected Car as an important component of the connections puzzle. Sometimes described as the ultimate mobile device and other times seen as a smartphone on wheels, the automobile is critical to so many pieces of society. Basic transportation, city management, highway construction, fuel standards, traffic management, environmental concerns, and dozens of other societal factors are all impacted every day by data that can be extracted from the car. In this session, we will review some of the current innovations and constraints in the automotive ecosystem and a few lessons learned from early prototypes and adaptations.


10:15 AM

Refreshment Break - Salon F
Sponsored by Honeywell

10:45 AM

Winning Business Models for the Connected Home - Salon E

The market for smart home offerings is expanding, with 43% of U.S. broadband households interested in purchasing a smart home package. This growing demand is attracting new players, with new business models and platform capabilities, and the convergence of products and services from traditionally separate verticals creates competition and an opportunity for partnerships. This session discusses new business models and partnership opportunities among entertainment and security service providers, utilities, manufacturers, retailers, and other players in the smart home market.

Seth Frader-Thompson, President, EnergyHub
Peter Gerstberger
, Director/DMM, New Business Development, Staples
Mike Harris
, CEO, Zonoff, Inc.
Art Lancaster, CTO, Affinegy

Moderator: Tom Kerber, Director, Research, Home Controls & Energy, Parks Associates

Split Sessions: Future of the Connected Home


11:30 AM


Tomorrow’s Set-top Boxes - Salon AB

Worldwide, 63% of pay-TV subscribers receive their service from a cable operator, using pay-TV provisioned set-top boxes. Consumers are adopting alternative set-top boxes, such as streaming media devices and gaming consoles and these devices are including pay-TV apps on their devices. This session examines the role of the alternative set-top box among other connected TV devices in the home. Speakers explore the potential for the TV user experience and interface to be controlled by a third party, with a look at consumer demand, new technologies such as 4K, and how they will shape the evolution of the set-top box.

Naveen Chhangani
, Director, Product Management, NETGEAR
Anthony Citrano
, VP Communications & Chief Evangelist, Verizon EdgeCast
Jordan Davis
, Director of Product Management, Fan TV 
JT Taylor
, Senior Manager Video Marketing, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Andrew Ferrone
, VP of Pay TV, ROKU

Moderator: Barbara Kraus, Director, Research, Parks Associates

Interoperability in the Internet of Things - Salon CD

The Internet of Things (IoT) opens new avenues to interact with consumers. It also puts pressure on companies to control the data created by this connectivity and leverage it to improve the user experience and generate new revenues. This session examines the growing number of connected devices in the home and efforts underway to ensure they can interoperate and provide the solutions needed to satisfy all players, including the consumer.

David Foote, CTO, Hitachi
Dave Friedman, CEO, Ayla Networks
Dennis Kyle, VP/GM, Connected Systems, Arrayent
Ryo Koyama
, CEO, Co-Founder, Weaved, speaking on behalf of Qualcomm
Tobin Richardson
, Chairman & CEO, ZigBee Alliance
Mark Van Walters, Chairman, Z-Wave Alliance

Moderator: Tom Kerber, Director, Research, Home Controls & Energy, Parks Associates

12:30 PM

Networking Lunch - Salon F
Sponsored by CONNECTIONS
EuropeCONNECTIONS Europe Sponsor

1:30 PM

Future of the Connected Home: Investment Perspectives Roundtable - Salon E

Companies will continue to search for unique combinations of service and product features in order to offer the most attractive user experiences—and the most lucrative revenue models. This session provides perspectives from the investors funding these companies, with discussions on innovative technologies and approaches for the connected consumer and smart home.

Greg Berkin, Managing Director, Concours Ventures
Manny Fernandez
, Founder; SF Angels Group; CEO/Co-Founder, DreamFunded.com
Dan Gordon
, Technology Partner, Valhalla Partners
Jeremy Kaplan
, Editor in Chief, Digital Trends
Tomasz Tunguz
, Partner, Redpoint Ventures
Michael Yang
, Managing Director, Comcast Ventures

Moderator: Stuart Sikes, President, Parks Associates

2:30 PM

Closing Comments - Salon E