Consumer Analytics is a research service that includes ongoing access to Parks Associates primary consumer research on specific topics. Parks Associates surveys more than 30,000 consumers in the U.S. and around the world each year to measure adoption, attitudes, and future purchase intentions for advanced products and services.

The Consumer Analytics Program is structured to provide the benefits of custom research with the costs shared among multiple participants. Participants have input into the surveys, with options to submit customized questions and add countries to expand the project scope.

Consumer Analytics offers services on the following topics, with quarterly deliverables and consumer research:

  • Access and Entertainment
    Analyzing market risks and rewards in new entertainment services
  • Connected CE and Platforms
    Analyzing the Adoption, Use, and Impact of Connect CE Devices
  • Connected Home Systems and Services
    Consumer Demand for Interactive Security, Control, & Monitoring
  • Digital Health
    Opportunities & market potential for digital health solutions
  • Digital Home Support Services
    Market intelligence for consumer technical support services
  • Digital Media
    Opportunities & risks created by changes in digital content distribution
  • Home Energy Management
    Guiding Strategies for Engaging Consumers in Energy Management
  • Mobile and Portable
    Analyzing New Revenue Opportunities in Mobile Services and Devices

»» Twelve-month Subscription to Program
»» 4 Quarterly Market Focus Research Deliverables
»» 4 Analyst Inquiry Hours
»» Client Service Membership
   - Access to Monthly Webcasts
   - 20-30% Discount to Attend Parks Associates workshops and events
»» Clients can submit questions of their own design for inclusion into surveys throughout the year and suggest a topic for a future Market Focus.


Access and Entertainment

  • New revenue strategies and business models for pay-TV services
  • The role and impact of OTT services
  • Consumer demand, interest, and adoption regarding broadband and entertainment services
  • New consumer habits and services emerging from high-speed connections
  • Modern consumer segments based on viewing habits and entertainment preferences
  • Platform preferences for consumption of different services
  • Emerging music and gaming value-added services
  • Roles of apps and the cloud in entertainment services

Connected CE and Platforms

  • Adoption, roles, and use of connected CE devices including smart TVs, 3D TVs, Blu-ray players, streaming media players/digital media receivers, game consoles, DVRs, and computers
  • The combination of connected CE platforms with services offered from CE manufacturers, pay-TV providers, OTT players, and others
  • Implications of connected CE adoption for CE manufacturers, pay-TV providers, OTT companies, content owners, and video service companies
  • The demand for connected CE devices and purchase intentions
  • Consumer decision process in purchasing CE
  • The impact of emerging connected CE platforms on the purchase cycles of established platforms

Digital Health

  • Remote monitoring and disease management (DM) through broadband and mobile technologies
  • Attitudes of healthcare consumers and professionals impacted by technological changes
  • Collaboration with care providers, device makers, software developers, and telecom service providers in delivering health solutions
  • Digital and mobile products, applications, and services that help drive preventive and self-care behaviors in fitness, diet, health screening, and lifestyle improvement
  • Development and adoption of assistive care solutions that leverage the fixed and mobile telecommunication infrastructure to provide telecare services
  • Broadband and mobile applications and services for providers and consumers, including electronic medical and personal health records, e-visits, and consumer education e-portals and social communities

Connected Home Systems and Services

  • Adoption and usage of home controls, security systems, remote monitoring, smart appliances, and connected home devices
  • Evolving roles and new partnerships for major players
  • Consumer perspectives on the role of security companies, utilities, & service providers
  • Bundling opportunities for IP-connected services
  • Connecting controls, security, and energy products to IP services
  • Consumer segmentation based on interest in connected home services
  • IP and cloud services as gateways to the mass market

Digital Home Support Services

  • The problems consumers encounter when using CE, the method of resolution, and implications for device and service providers
  • Consumer adoption and use of technical support services and extended warranties
  • The demand for support services including preferences for revenue models, providers, bundles, interface methods, and capabilities
  • Consumer interest in self-help support tools vs. professional assistance
  • Market demand for support services that move beyond the “break-fix” model
  • The role of support services when choosing a product, service, or retailer

Digital Media

  • App usage in content purchase and consumption
  • Consumer price points and reaction to new business models
  • Use and preference for alternative content distribution channels
  • Consumer interest in changing content offerings
  • Connected device ownership and segmentation profiles, including Blu-ray players, game consoles, smart TVs, smartphones, & tablets
  • Video viewing preferences and digital media purchase habits
  • Over-the-top video, cloud media, social media, & second-screen applications

Home Energy Management

  • Customer interaction opportunities
  • Partnership opportunities and new revenue sources
  • Cloud services
  • New channel distributions
  • Evolution of HAN and independent offerings
  • Changing roles of utilities, service providers, and retailers
  • Real-time control to balance usage
  • Adding value through connectivity and new services
  • IP-based communication standards

Mobile and Portable

  • Business models, new service plans, and impact on usage
  • Cloud service offerings
  • Consumer interest and usage regarding 4G/LTE and advanced mobile technologies
  • Compare and contrast consumer usage on different mobile platforms
  • Mobile data revenues
  • Mobile payment
  • Mobile value-added services
  • App usage

Parks Associates conducts statistically significant surveys every two months, starting with a survey of 10,000 U.S households in January, followed by surveys of 2,500 households every other month through the end of the year. Each Market Focus contains relevant data from these surveys to highlight important trends and market conditions.

The Consumer Analytics team designs each survey to allow for direct and accurate comparison of survey results over time, connecting intentions and preferences to actual purchase and usage behaviors. This process allows Parks Associates to make an accurate assessment of purchase intentions, correlated to product and service preferences, in forecasting future consumer actions and adoption.


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