Saturday, June 04, 2016

Your API Could Get You Sued by the FTC

Uber routinely argues their service shouldn’t be regulated like taxis – the company is increasing competition and should be left alone. This is a compelling case on many fronts as the service is better for consumers as it can provide lower prices than taxis. In addition, because prices are lower, they can make a solid case that employment increases as more people are inclined to let others do the driving.

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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

The IT Shop Partner Profile

Parks Associates’ (News - Alert) study on IT support spending for small business finds that small businesses (those will less than 250 employees) spend only $150 per month for IT services. That number seems low unless you do some math. A small IT shop has about 150 to 250 customers from talking with potential VoIP partners. At 150 accounts billing $120 per month, the revenue is $216,000. After expenses and hardware, it would be reasonable for a one-man shop.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

DLNA launches VidiPath Certification programme for retail products supporting subscription TV

"DLNA has taken another important step toward fulfilling the FCC's vision for an industry standard that allows TV services to be delivered to CE devices," said Brett L Sappington, director of research with Parks Associates. "With their choice of a consumer brand for devices that successfully complete the certification process, North American cable operators have signalled their intent to quickly adopt VidiPath. They have also shown their interest in working with consumer electro more

Friday, July 11, 2014

Apple TV Struggling Behind Roku in the OTT Wars

More than 25% of US households will have a streaming media player by 2015, with continued robust sales and new entries such as Amazon Fire TV driving expansion of this connected CE category. But for now, market first movers Roku and Apple TV continue to dominate sales.

That’s the word from Parks Associates, whose new report, The Evolving Market for Streaming Media Devices, found that Roku accounted for nearly one-half of streaming media players (46%) purchased in the US in 2 more

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Knowledge is Power - CEDIA Launches 2014 Market Research Project

CEDIA (the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) has re -appointed industry specialist, Parks Associates, to carry out extensive market research into the UK residential custom installation sector for the third consecutive year. The project will run from the 20th June until 30th September 2014. Designed to assess the health and future prospects for the sector, the research will quantify companies currently installing residential custom installation products, dete more

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Smart Home Device in Every Other Home by 2020

While the number of applications for machine to machine (M2M) communications devices and so-called smart home devices are increasing, it's easy to wonder if the demand for these devices is likewise on an upward spiral as well. According to a new study from Parks Associates, meanwhile, the answer to that is a very clear yes, sufficiently so that the company believes that, by the year 2020, 50 percent of all broadband-capable homes in the United States will have a smart home devic more

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Cable Technology Week in Review

The top news this week was undoubtedly the fact that Amazon has finally gone to marketwith its hotly anticipated over-the-top (OTT) set-top box, dubbed the Fire TV. At $99, the tiny box directly takes on both Apple TV and the Roku 3, but it packs in a series of differentiators that Amazon is banking will be enough to make the gambit a success. But analysts were mixed on the outlook for the device, to say the least. In fact, some were downright negative. As Stock Trader Daily ana more

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Level 3, Elemental Team on Bandwidth-friendly 4K Streaming

4KTVs will follow a similar, but faster, growth pattern as HDTVs, which have reached 82 percent of US broadband households after 15 years on the market, according to Parks Associates.

The firm predicts that 4KTVs will reach mass-market pricing in the next two to three years, leading to an on-going adoption curve that will result in a penetration of 4K in 80 percent of households in approximately ten to 12 years.

"4KTV adoption is following the same pattern as HDTV, but p more

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