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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Report: Pay-TV Subscriptions to Drop 27% by 2024; Streaming Apps to Pick Up the Slack

Pay-TV services are showing their age as subscribership continues to fall, leading to a projected 76.7 million subscriber decrease by 2024, according to a report by Parks Associates. This drop would represent a 27% decline since the industry’s 2014 peak.

“There has been substantial innovation over the years, but streaming’s debut changed the trajectory of the modern video service industry,” said Paul Erickson, Director of Research for Parks Associates. “The evolution of more

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Report: Streaming TV Churn Drops 48% Over Two Years, Hits Lowest Point in History

According to a recent report from research firm Parks Associates, services that stream television channels via the internet — known as virtual multichannel video programming distributors (vMVPDs) — have achieved a record low churn rate of just 36%, a decline of 48% over the past two years.

“Consumers have settled into the adoption of a virtual multi-channel video-on-demand service as a lower-cost alternative to traditional pay television,” the Parks Associates report states. more

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Report: Netflix’s Password-Sharing Crackdown Not Going Great

Parks Associates analyst Paul Erickson suggests Netflix opted to roll out its new pricing policy in these nations rather than highly profitable countries so that they “don’t potentially suffer a large amount of subscriber goodwill lost.”

From the article, "Netflix’s Password-Sharing Crackdown Not Going Great" by Tom Wilton.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Report: Viewers Say Churn is Based on Lack of New, Original Content

According to Parks Associates, it only gets worse from here. In its 2022 “OTT Streaming Trends to Watch” white paper, their data shows that the average churn rate was 40% in 2020. Right now, the average is 45%.

From the article "Report: Viewers Say Churn is Based on Lack of New, Original Content" by Lauren Forristal. 

Friday, December 17, 2021

Survey: Streaming Service Churn Rates Hit 44%

Churn has long been an issue in the streaming market. For streaming service providers, it’s a problem to be overcome. For subscribers, it’s a fact of life. The latest word out from Parks Associates pins down just how big an issue churn in streaming is, noting that streaming service churn rates are now up to 44%.

From the article "Survey: Streaming Service Churn Rates Hit 44%" by Steve Anderson. 

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Is The Increasingly Crowded Streaming Marketplace Going to Turn Consumers Back to Piracy?

In the short term, consumers are more than happy to keep paying for multiple services. According to a report published by Parks Associates in June 2021, 46 percent of US homes with broadband-level Internet connections subscribed to four or more streaming services. This more than doubles last year’s number of 22 percent and dwarfs numbers from years prior. Granted, the COVID-19 pandemic had a lot to do with the rise in numbers, but why did those same people opt to subscribe rathe more

Thursday, March 04, 2021

How fuboTV Plans to ‘Expand the Breadth of Sports’ to their Live TV Streaming Service

There are 75 million people in the US who have an MVPD service and based on the most recent Parks Associates report, 43% of cable TV households will likely switch to a virtual MVPD streaming service. With this large market potential, fuboTV believes there is immense success to be sought out, especially as the company continues to be aggressive with its partnerships and content expansion.

From the article "How fuboTV Plans to ‘Expand the Breadth of Sports’ to their Live TV St more

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