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Friday, September 21, 2018

Amazon Is Becoming the Third Largest Internet Ad Platform in the U.S.

Amazon's websites drew in nearly 200 million unique monthly visitors in the US at the end of 2017 according to comScore. In July, research firm CIRP estimated that Amazon Prime had nearly 100 million members in the US.

The Fire TV is also the second most popular streaming device in America according to Parks Associates, and the Echo remains the top dog in the smart speaker market according to CIRP. That sprawling ecosystem gives advertisers plenty of ways to promote their pr more

Saturday, July 14, 2018

New Roku Channel Subscription Helps Unbundle Cable Programming

Roku is the industry leader in streaming devices, with data from research firm Parks Associates estimating that Roku commands an industry-leading 37% of the market (Amazon is moving up quickly with 28%). Its ad-supported Roku Channel is one of the top 15 channels on Roku devices, and Roku-powered smart TVs now account for 25% of all smart TVs sold in the U.S. It added news from ABC, Cheddar, and others to the Roku Channel in April.

From the article "New Roku Channel Subscrip more

Monday, June 18, 2018

Is Roku Ready to Enter the Smart-Speaker Market?

New data from research firm Parks Associates shows Roku still commands an industry leading 37% of the streaming-device market. Meanwhile, has padded its lead over a fading Google, with 28% of consumers using a Fire TV device compared to 14% who use a Chromecast. Apple has now moved into third place with a 15% share for its Apple TV box.

From the article "Is Roku Ready to Enter the Smart-Speaker Market?" by Rich Duprey.

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Pay-TV Providers Are Signing Up a Lot of Netflix Subscribers

As of last month, around one out of every five pay-TV households subscribe to an online video service through their pay-TV providers, according to a survey from Parks Associates. That's good news for pay-TV companies like Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA), DISH Network (NASDAQ:DISH), and smaller providers using TiVo's (NASDAQ:TIVO) set-top boxes. It's also good news for Netflix, which is looking to penetrate the next 10 million to 30 million households through the cable box.

From the a more

Monday, April 02, 2018

Roku Is Taking the Right Steps

Last August, market analysts at Parks Associates found that more than any other streaming media device -- including those from Amazon, Apple, and Google -- Roku was the leading brand and had increased its market share with 37% of the installed base, up from one-third in the year-ago quarter. Amazon was the only other provider that saw its share rise in the period studied, from 16% to 24%.

From the article "Roku Is Taking the Right Steps" by Rich Duprey.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Roku Plunges: 3 Reasons to Buy, 4 Reasons to Sell

Last August, Parks Associates reported that Roku controlled 37% of the streaming device market in the U.S., while Amazon, Google, and Apple held shares of 24%, 18%, and 15%, respectively. All three of those companies can also afford to take losses on their streaming devices to expand their ecosystems -- a luxury Roku can't afford. 

From the article "Roku Plunges: 3 Reasons to Buy, 4 Reasons to Sell" by Leo Sun.

Friday, December 01, 2017

2 Surprising Stocks to Buy and Hold Until 2030

Americans view security as one of the top benefits of smart home technology, ahead of options such as energy/resource management, or indoor convenience/entertainment. aims to give consumers something better than a traditional security service, controllable only from home-based devices with limited capabilities. Instead, it offers users mobile-app access to their smart home security systems. According to Parks Associates, the smart home security market is projected to d more

Thursday, November 30, 2017

3 Stocks That Look Just Like Google in 2004

Yet just like Google in 2004, Roku dominates its market. According to market researcher Parks Associates , Roku boasts a 37% market share in "over the top" streaming devices. Amazon's Fire TV, Apple TV -- even Google's own Chromecast -- don't even come close.

Will Roku maintain its lead in the years to come? Can it translate wild consumer popularity into cold, hard cash profits? That remains to be seen. But if Google's performance offers any example, I'd say Roku's chances l more

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