Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Women More Tech Savvy than Men

More women than men are downloading movies and music, women do the majority of game-playing across some platforms, and women have higher “purchase intentions” than men do when it comes to some electronics, according to a new report from Parks Associations.

"Women are frequently the product buyers - and once she owns a CE product, she becomes a heavy user, most particularly for devices that allow sharing and uploading content and downloading TV programs," said Tricia Parks, CEO, Parks Associates. "CE manufacturers are picking up on this changed buyer, offering their products, particularly their mobile ones, in more colors and styles with more personalized accessories.”

The reports says that 40 percent more women play online games in social networking sites like Facebook and men are more obsessed with playing Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PS3. And 73 percent more women watch a full length online TV show than men.

From the article, "Women More Tech Savvy than Men"


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