Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Why Moving ‘Dancing With the Stars’ to Disney+ Isn’t the Demotion You Might Think: Analysis

Paul Erickson, research director of entertainment and consumer electronics at Parks Associates, said the “DWTS” move is smart programming and a win for both ABC and Disney+.

"They’re looking at ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and that huge fan base, but potentially freeing up room for something that might be more lucrative sponsorship-wise,” said Erickson. “It may be as fundamental as what that property brings in versus ‘Monday Night Football’ in that same spot in the schedule. It doesn’t necessarily denigrate the value of ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ And it’s not necessarily bad for ABC. It’s a win under the assumption that they are using that primetime space for a property that has equal or better revenue generation.”"

“ABC knows that this is a bankable property. It’s technically available through streaming already, but maybe not with same reach Disney+ has,” Erickson said. “They already know how it performs and that it’s broadly appealing and feel it will perform even better if you give it longer legs.”

From the article, "Why Moving ‘Dancing With the Stars’ to Disney+ Isn’t the Demotion You Might Think: Analysis" by Sharon Knolle.

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