Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why Don’t More People Use These Free Services?

To some extent, all the major pay TV providers offer some form of TV Everywhere services already. As Home Media Magazine noted, though, very few subscribers are aware that these services exist. According a new study by Parks Associates, only about 20% of pay TV subscribers know that their provider offers TV Everywhere:

“Is anybody watching these [TV Everywhere] services? Do they even know that these services are available?” asked Parks senior analyst Brett Sappington. “What we found is that by and large the answer is no.”

Despite TV ads, fliers and billing inserts heralding the virtues of TV Everywhere, the majority of pay-TV subscribers do not know that their TV provider offers repurposed content.

In addition to plain ignorance, Sappington explained that subscribers aren’t using TV Everywhere services partly because they don’t trust pay TV providers. Ads promoting TV Everywhere try to upsell subscribers into opting for pricey channel bundles, and there’s an assumption that, in some way or another, there will be a “gotcha.” By and large, consumers don’t trust cable companies, and Sappington said some subscribers fear that a minor mistake while using TV Everywhere will result in a mysterious bill: “What happens if I click a button wrong or don’t realize something and I end up getting a bill that includes charges for this extra video?”

From the articlce, "Why Don’t More People Use These Free Services?" by  Brad Tuttle.

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