Voice: Gateway to Connected Home Use Cases

by Parks Associates | May. 13, 2019

Voice has made a sizeable impact in the smart home and connected CE spaces with the success of smart speakers and personal assistants. The challenges are now to extend these capabilities to other systems throughout the home, establish the role of voice alongside the other means to interface with the home, and ensure these innovations are attracting new households into the smart home ecosystem.Voice has become ubiquitous in the home.

Smart speakers are now in 35-36% of U.S. broadband households.  Voice is moving past the smart speaker into consumer’s day to day lives.

Parks Associates Activities Performed Smart Speakers Voice Assistant Chart

Moderated by Dina Abdelrazik, the CONNECTIONS™ session, “Voice: Gateway to Connected Home Use Cases,” , industry experts examine the changes voice has made on the smart home concept and its appeal to existing smart home households versus its impact on attracting new consumers.

This session takes place on Wednesday, May 22 from 4:15 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Speakers include:

  • Kristi Ebong, SVP of Strategy and GM, Orbita, Inc.
  • Aaron Emigh, CEO & Founder, Brilliant
  • Daniel Moneta, CMO & VP Corporate Development, Co-Founder, MMB Networks
  • Paul Williams, GM Product Management & Growth, GE Lighting


For more information visit www.connectionsus.com

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