Monday, September 05, 2011

Video access moving to streaming and subscription services

Parks Associates CEO Tricia Parks said, "The sands are shifting for manufacturers and content providers as expanding numbers of households access their TV-displayed content online. Methods include smart TVs and a host of connected devices, several of which are in a high-growth trajectory. This shift will create havoc with today’s well-understood TV revenue model potential. All players want a piece of that revenue, but not all players will hold their current positions over time."

Parks said, "Licensing is one of the biggest challenges for providers in this space. A successful subscription model has lots of content options, but providers in different nations must ink licensing agreements suitable to their environments and regulatory structures. They must leverage their strengths as established providers, serving millions of households, to secure rights to premium content and combat
encroaching over-the-top solutions."

From the article, "Video access moving to streaming and subscription services"

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