Friday, November 14, 2014

US households still not so ‘smart’ when it comes to home devices

The Internet of Things may be a hot topic in tech circles but it appears that it's not a popular topic of discussion in the average US household, yet.

A new white paper, "Smart Home Ecosystem: IoT and Consumers," created and published jointly by the Consumer Electronics Association and Parks Associates shows that when it comes to smart thermostats, smartphone-operated security systems and app-controlled lighting systems, US consumers are still very much in the dark.

Much of the data in the report comes from a survey of 10,000 heads of US broadband households; 62 per cent of whom claimed to be unfamiliar with either smart home products or smart home services.

In fact, only 11 per cent of respondents claimed to be very familiar with smart home products (10 per cent for smart home services). However, when it comes to actually getting one, only nine per cent of respondents said that they were very familiar with how to go about buying one, compared with 69 per cent of the sample who claimed ignorance.

From the article "US households still not so ‘smart’ when it comes to home devices."

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