Understanding the role of mobile technologies in health and wellness

by Mindi Sue Sternblitz-Rubenstein | May. 16, 2011

Parks Associates' Mobile Health: Uptake by Consumers and Care Providers is a primary consumer survey that examines use of mobile technologies by both consumers and care workers in health applications.

Consumer Topics include:
-- Use of mobile to access health and wellness information, track personal health conditions, and interact with care organizations 
-- Use of mobile apps, widgets, Web 2.0 tools, games, and mobile social networking solutions for health-related purposes 
-- Motivational factors, satisfaction, and unmet needs when consumers use mobile health apps and solutions 
-- Consumer interest and willingness to spend for mobile-based care solutions, services, and apps 

Careworker Topics include:
-- Impact of new mobile platforms on current professional practices, including cultural and organizational changes within healthcare organizations 
-- Comfort level dealing with patients on mobile platforms and through Internet and apps, including concerns over privacy, security, medical liability, and workflow disruption 
-- Willingness to be more involved in the coordinated care models & offer on-demand care services to patients 
-- Assessment of accountable care organizations and the impact of new health reform laws 
-- Value proposition of mobility to personal care management for branding and new service opportunities

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