Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Tomorrow’s Communities Are Smart And Urban, Where Everything Acts As A Concept

And, looking at more current, household level trends, market research firm Parks Associates forecasts that mobile-only households will decline as fixed broadband networks expand. Mobile-only probably won’t disappear completely, because it’s easy and affordable, but Parks believes it will not grow beyond 13% of US households, and the percentage of mobile only households may decrease with the growing availability of affordable home broadband options enabled by new wireless technology, like 5G.

The pandemic also highlighted the importance of broadband connections. According to Parks Associates 2020 COVID-19 study, 53% of consumers value broadband service more than they did 6 months ago. The firm estimates that US broadband providers added 5.2 million new subscriptions in 2020.

From the article "Tomorrow’s Communities Are Smart And Urban, Where Everything Acts As A Concept" by Jennifer Castenson. 

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