Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Time Warner Follows Comcast into Home Energy Management Market

Indeed, according to Dallas-based research firm Parks Associates, fully one-third of U.S. consumers in broadband households find remote control of lights, appliances, and thermostats via Web-enabled devices very appealing. Nearly 50 percent find email/text notification of smoke, fire, water, or gas leaks very appealing.

With the popularity of smartphones, tablets, and other Web-enabled devices, consumers are carrying a link to their home systems. Widespread availability of broadband is also disrupting the traditional business model of security companies and introducing new competition from service providers, who are leveraging their networks to create new services and expand their average revenue per user. These Internet-connected security systems, which provide additional capabilities and benefits, are expanding the residential security market by bringing new customers into what was a relatively stagnant consumer base.

From the article, "Time Warner Follows Comcast into Home Energy Management Market" by Cheryl Kaften

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