Monday, January 27, 2014

The State of Omni Channel: What Can Retailers Do to Keep Up in Today's Marketplace?

While consumers are growing more impatient, they’re also becoming increasingly comfortable making purchases online or on mobile devices as payment transaction technology has evolved into a fast, secure, and convenient buying process. Parks Associates, a consumer analytics research firm, finds that 43 percent of smart phone users have used their phone to make a purchase in the last thirty days. In that same study, quick checkout methods, which involve the retailer keeping the shopper’s credit card information on file, accounted for a quarter of mobile purchases. In 2012, e-commerce sales grew 15 percent in the United States, seven times as fast as traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. While the US Census Bureau reports that only 5 percent of retail purchases were made online in 2012, other experts predict that by 2017, that percentage will double. They also predict that 60 percent of all retail sales will involve the Internet, whether a shopper is going online to compare prices or actually completing the transaction online using a computer or mobile device.

From the article, "The State of Omni Channel: What Can Retailers Do to Keep Up in Today's Marketplace?"


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