Thursday, December 04, 2014

The Booming Online TV Industry: What’s Next?

Parks Associates, a US-based market research and consulting firm, published data about the market share of streaming device producers. It revealed that Roku retains its position as the leader in the market despite losing a significant percentage of its market share to new entrants.

The firm also found that of all the broadband users in the US, 10% purchased streaming devices in the first three quarters of 2014.

In 2013, Roku had a market share of 46%, while the second-largest player, Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) Apple TV, had a market share of 26%.

But this year, both Roku and Apple TV lost a chunk of their market share; Apple actually ended up moving a step downward to become the third-largest player in the market, as Google Inc.’s (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Chromecast took its position as the second. Chromecast reported a market share of more than 20%.

From the article "The Booming Online TV Industry: What’s Next?" by Bob Cramer.

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