Monday, December 08, 2014

Technology Stock Roundup: Tech Stocks Down But MSFT/INTC Gain

Google Pulls Ahead of Apple in TV Streaming: According to a report from research firm Parks Associates, Google’s Chromecast now accounts for 20% of sales from set-top-box/streaming sticks. Roku remains in the lead with a 29% share, but Apple has been pushed to third place with a 17% share. Amazon’s Fire TV is at number four with 10%. Chromecast is the cheapest device at $35, Roku has two devices at $50 and $99, while both Apple TV and Fire TV come for $90.

The price differential is on account of additional hardware that the other devices provide so you won’t need a separate device to watch content/run apps, but that’s less important right now as it is fetching Google market share. And additional devices can always follow.  

From the article "Technology Stock Roundup: Tech Stocks Down But MSFT/INTC Gain" by Sejuti Banerjea.


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