Saturday, April 16, 2005

Structured Wiring Catches On

Structured wiring has a limited audience now: "high-income households and new houses," said Michael Cai, senior analyst at Parks Associates, a Dallas-based consumer technology marketing and research firm.

"The value is more for entertainment packages and connecting devices to share movies, music and computer files," Cai said. But the market is growing fast.

"About 4 million homes have structured wiring now. By 2008, we predict there will be just under 11 million," Cai said.

What's ahead?

Beyond 2008 is a big question mark, Cai thinks.

That's because wireless systems, now hobbled by speed, reliability and security issues, may experience a breakthrough.

If so, structured wiring systems, which he thinks add to homes' resale value, "might not add any value at all," he said. "Consumers, once they've tried wireless, are hooked," Cai said.

From the article "Structured Wiring Catches On," by Michele Derus.

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