Speaker Insights from NXP: Voice Interaction and Connected Home Technologies

by Parks Associates | Jan. 2, 2019

Prior to Parks Associates’ 13th-annual CONNECTIONS Summit at CES, in Las Vegas, Sujata Neidig, VP, Marketing, Director, Product Marketing, Microcontrollers & Connectivity, Thread Group / NXP shared her insights on the voice interation and connected home technologies with the firm's analyst team.

Sujata will be participating on the Focus on the Experience: Interoperability & Integration panel during the conference on Tuesday, January 8, at 3:15 PM. Panelists joining her on this session include:

Charlie Kindel, Senior Vice President of Products & Services, Control4
Paul Palmer, Global Director of Business Development, Consumer Business, F-Secure
Cory Sorice, VP GM Emerging Business, Chamberlain Group, Inc.
Raoul Wijgergangs, VP IoT Smart Home, Silicon Labs

As the number of connected devices in the home increases year-over-year, how can technology providers ease consumer concerns associated with data security and privacy?
Companies building “smart” products for the home can partner with technology providers to educate the market on security technologies that exist and are being used today.

How will artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and/or 5G technologies impact the smart home, IoT, and connected entertainment landscapes in 2019 and beyond? What will be the impact for consumers?
The convergence of IoT and AI means that smart connected devices can not only talk to each other but will be able to use AI to interact with each other on our behalf providing more convenience and safety in our lives.

What emerging technologies could tip the smart home scale from early adopter to mass market adoption?
Many technologies already exist and are gaining momentum and adoption. One barrier to this growth is around market fragmentation. However, many industry technology organizations with open technologies are working together to create solutions for the market. As these efforts roll out, adoption will increase. Example: Zigbee Alliance’s Dotdot efforts over Thread Group’s IP-based Thread networking technology. Adoption of these technology solutions by major ecosystems is also key to mass market adoption.

What are the best use case scenarios for voice technologies in the smart home?
Convenience, safety, and healthcare.

For more information on the CONNECTIONS Summit at CES, visit: www.connectionssummit.com.

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