Friday, July 10, 2015

Sorry Apple, smartwatch buyers are still shopping on a budget

One in ten US broadband households plan to buy a smartwatch in 2015, however, 84 per cent of them won’t spend over $250 on the device, according to recent wearable research.

The survey, from Parks Associates, suggests that the price point of $100 (£65) to $250 (£160) is roughly equivalent to a high-end fitness tracker.

In addition, the study reveals that those who are willing to spend more than $500 (£320) on a smartwatch will only buy one if it works without a smartphone.

This is bad news for Apple as it means that not everyone will likely to purchase an Apple Watch, because of its current tethered setup and most especially because of its price tag. which begins at $349 (£225)

From the article "Sorry Apple, smartwatch buyers are still shopping on a budget."

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