Friday, July 13, 2007

Social network users are the slappers of the Internet world

Telecom TVA new survey from Parks Associates reveals that by comparison with those who frequent social networking sites on the Internet, mobile subscribers are paragons of monogamous rectitude and dog-like faithfulness.

The research shows that users of social networks are promiscuous slappers with zero brand loyalty who cheerfully co-habit with several sites, sometimes one after the other but, at other times, simultaneously!

The report says that users MySpace, Facebook, Bebo and their ilk are “chronically unfaithful”. More than half of them regularly and routinely grant their favours to more than one site, most of which are free to access and use, and, get this, almost 17 per cent "actively" uses three or more sites. Oh, the shame of it!

From the article "Social network users are the slappers of the Internet world," by Martyn Warwick.

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