Smart Home Safety: Fire Prevention

by Parks Associates | Oct. 18, 2018

The biggest threat in home fires isn’t visible on the surface – it’s actually hidden in the walls. Arc faults are responsible for 82% of electrical fires and there are multiple factors that can cause them. With new smart home technologies like smart plugs and smart smoke detectors the risk from arc fault fires are severely lowered as these products can detect and even prevent these fires from happening.

According to Tom Kerber, Senior Director IoT Strategy, Parks Associates, home safety is a leader in the proposition of the smart home. With fires being particularly devastating, smart home solutions that detect, prevent, and protect against them are becoming increasingly more valuable to consumers. According to Parks Associates research, 18% of U.S. broadband households with insurance consider solutions that can detect, prevent, or mitigate electrical wiring fires to be the most valuable use for smart home products.

Smokey the Bear would approve of Parks Associates’ latest complimentary whitepaper: IoT Home Safety: Fire Prevention Solutions. Sponsored by WhiskerLabs, the whitepaper reveals how consumers perceive current fire safety measures in the home. Research reveals that nearly 40% of broadband households are interested in buying a smart home product that can detect electrical fires, which cause over 1300 injuries and 420 deaths in the U.S. per year. With the rise in popularity of smart home technologies in the U.S. providers can expect to see consumers make purchases directly related to the safety of their home and family. Download the whitepaper for free here. Remember: you’re not the only one who can prevent fires anymore.

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