Saturday, July 12, 2014

Roku Displaces Apple TV as No.1 Set Top Box in the US

It’s official. Roku is now the No. 1 set top box in the US, beating Apple Inc’s Apple TV. This is according to latest data released by research company Parks Associates. It found that Roku devices comprised of about 46% of total media player purchases in 2013.

In comparison, Apple TV sales only accounted for about 26% of overall set top box sales across the US. Thus, there is a continuously widening gap between these two, which are competing for the living room supremacy in American households.

However, if the global numbers would be looked at, Roku would still take so much to beat Apple TV. In terms of worldwide sales, Apple TVs have so far sold about 20 million units of its set top streaming devices since Apple TV’s launch in 2007. Comparatively, Roku sold only about 8 million units since 2008.

From the article "Roku Displaces Apple TV as No.1 Set Top Box in the US" by Jasmin Harper.

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