Monday, June 04, 2012

Report: Siri Coming To iPad With iOS 6

A March 2012 survey (n=482) survey from Parks Associates found that initiating calls and texts were the most common Siri-related activities. That survey also found the following:

•87 percent of iPhone 4S owners said they used Siri at least monthly
•Over 30 percent said they used Siri “almost daily”
•26 used Siri to send email daily
More advanced capabilities such as calendar integration were less widely used. In the Parks survey 55 percent said they were “satisfied” with Siri and 9 percent were “unsatisfied.”

An earlier (small sample) survey from ChangeWave, shortly after the release of the iPhone 4s last Fall, found that Siri was the most popular feature of the new iPhone:

To my knowledge there’s no data about whether and how frequently people are using Siri for web search (e.g., “Search the web for XYZ”). Based on the Parks survey data it doesn’t appear this is one of the more common use cases. However Siri asks if you would like to “search the web” for your query if it can’t provide an answer.

From the article, "Report: Siri Coming To iPad With iOS 6" by Greg Sterling.


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