Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Report: Chromecast surpasses Apple TV in the video streaming market

The popularity of Google’s Chromecast stick shows no indication of declining , and as the number of countries the device is available in continues to grow, more and more consumers are starting to take notice of what this little device is capable of. So many in fact, that a new report by The Wall Street Journal indicates that the Chromecast has surpassed Apple TV all together in video streaming, to become the second most popular streaming device in the United States.

Market research company Parks Associates was responsible for the actual survey, which covered a span of 10,000 homes in the United States. Each home in the survey had a broadband internet connection, with the survey discovering that 10% bought a streaming stick between January and October of 2014. Chromecast came in at second place with 20% of streaming devices sold, with Roku taking the number one slot at 29%. When compared to the same survey taken for the first 10 months of 2013, it’s clear to see that Google’s device has eaten some market share, as Roku at that time came in first at 46% and Apple TV second with 26%.

The 2014 survey also shows that the Amazon Fire TV stick is already off to a respectable start, a month after its debut, coming in fourth place with 10%.

From the article "Report: Chromecast surpasses Apple TV in the video streaming market" by Eric McBride.


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