Thursday, April 03, 2008

Price Matters Most to Flat-Screen Buyers

TV Week"About 84% of recent buyers of flat-screen TVs, almost all of which are HD-capable, said price was a major factor in their purchase choice, while 53% said features were important and 36% focused on the brand name, Dallas-based consultant Parks Associates said, citing a survey of households with broadband Internet service."

“I expected brand name to pop out like it does for laptops, but it doesn’t. Price does,” said Parks CEO Tricia Parks. She added that the No. 2 flat-panel brand chosen in the survey was Vizio, which is sold at big-box stores like Costco and Sam’s Club. “Here’s a space where there are so many good brands, so when you look at the TV, you may not see a difference.”

"While the projected softening in the U.S. economy may have little effect on TV buyers who’ve already made price such an important part of their decision, the impact on the still-nascent HD DVD player industry may be more pronounced. Consumers are more likely to forgo paying $400 for an HD disc player than withholding the $1,000 or more needed for a new television, Ms. Parks said. With standard DVD player prices starting around $50, “DVD is considered popcorn,” said Ms. Parks, who estimated HD disc player unit sales in the U.S. at about 1.25 million last year. “HD DVD is nowhere near that.”

From the article, "Price Matters Most to Flat-Screen Buyers," by Danny King

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