Thursday, January 30, 2020

Fifty-six percent of consumers in US broadband households use at least one professional home service

Consumers consider personal recommendation a top factor when choosing smart home devices or home services

New Parks Associates research finds 56% of US broadband households report using at least one professional home service. 360 Deep Dive: Evaluating Service Opportunities in the Smart Home reports lawn care and landscaping are the most commonly utilized home services, followed closely by home repair/improvement and plumbing services. This research study, with analysis on a survey of 10,000 US broadband households, examines the most valuable services for consumers and the opportunity to attach services to device offerings, including service opportunities for smart security devices, smart loss detection and prevention devices, and smart energy devices and appliances.

“Ownership of networked cameras with live streaming capabilities opens the door for additional service opportunities and sales of periphery devices,” said Lindsay Gafford, Research Analyst, Parks Associates. “Safety and security are the leading purchase drivers of smart home devices, and this ability to connect to the home in real time creates new service opportunities adjacent to monitoring and remote access, from safe package delivery to telehealth and independent living solutions.”

Parks Associates research - home services

Consumers who own at least one smart home device now own an average of seven smart home devices. The research shows that, similar to the purchase process for smart home devices, a majority of consumers consider personal recommendations very important when choosing home services. Nearly three-fourths of consumers consider a recommendation by someone they know personally as a top factor when choosing a home service provider, including 55% who consider it very important.

Parks Associates - consumer research on home services

“Device manufacturers and service providers have succeeded in enticing current smart home device owners to purchase additional devices,” Gafford said. “Monitoring and preventive services appeal to consumers because they target specific pain points, allowing for remote monitoring, access, and control.”

For information about 360 Deep Dive: Evaluating Service Opportunities in the Smart Home, contact To schedule an interview with an analyst or to request specific research data, please contact Elizabeth Parks at, 972-490-1113.

About Parks Associates: Parks Associates, a woman-founded and certified business, is an internationally recognized market research and consulting company specializing in emerging consumer technology products and services. Founded in 1986, Parks Associates creates research capital for companies ranging from Fortune 500 to small start-ups through market reports, primary studies, consumer research, custom research, workshops, executive conferences, and annual service subscriptions.

The company's expertise includes the Internet of Things (IoT), digital media and platforms, entertainment and gaming, home networks, Internet and television services, digital health, mobile applications and services, support services, consumer apps, advanced advertising, consumer electronics, energy management, and home control systems and security.

Each year, Parks Associates hosts industry webinars, the CONNECTIONS™ Conference Series, Smart Energy Summit: Engaging the Consumer, Connected Health Summit: Engaging Consumers, and Future of Video: OTT, Pay TV, and Digital Media.

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