Thursday, March 07, 2013

Platforms offer measurement, ad options for mobile brands

Finally, a new ad program is out there for app developers. From Rovi Corporation has released its Rovi Advertising Service, which supports both display and video ads for mobile devices and connected TV apps.

"As connected device adoption ascends and consumer affinity for apps intensifies, new revenue opportunities are emerging such as those provided by Rovi Advertising Network," said Heather Way, senior research analyst, Parks Associates. "More than ever, app developers with ad-supported business models must participate in multi-platform networks that help brands effectively reach and engage consumers in an increasingly complex and fragmented entertainment environment."

Developers who integrate the new ad service will also have the option to use campaigns from the Rovi Ad Network to their infrastructure.

From the article, "Platforms offer measurement, ad options for mobile brands" by Kristina Knight.

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