Wednesday, September 10, 2014

People want gadgets to reflect personality, not health status

Parks Associates, Inc. conducted a study regarding the adoption of connected health devices in the U.S., revealing that nearly one-third of homes with broadband access own and use at least one connected health device such as a treadmill, electric bike, or elliptical that syncs data to a mobile app.

Parks predicts that by 2016, more than 32 percent of consumers will be using wearable health devices to track their fitness and health. One of the biggest drivers for wearable tech is its design and form factor, and Parks predicts that consumers will be looking for devices that fit their lifestyle while still being able to serve their purpose.

“Irrespective of actual form factor, today’s consumers, be they tech-savvy youth or aging boomers, would prefer their health and wellness devices project lifestyle statements about who they are, instead of serving as evidence of being sick or needing help,” Harry Wang, Parks Associates’ director of health and mobile product, said.

From the article "People want gadgets to reflect personality, not health status" by Mellisa Tolentino.

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