Pay TV responds to OTT’s Reshaping of the Entertainment Industry

by Parks Associates | Oct. 4, 2018

Parks Associates’ new complimentary whitepaper, Video’s Critical Path: Success at Web Speeds, sponsored by MediaKind examines the reshaping of the entertainment industry by OTT video services.

“Pay TV is on the forefront of this era of change, with the global market for pay TV is continuing to grow in most regions despite the decline in subscribing households in the U.S. Competition from OTT providers like Netflix and Hulu have pushed a new wave of consolidation in pay TV, including both distributors and content producers,” according to Brett Sappington, Senior Director of Research at Parks Associates. Combinations of companies like AT&T plus Time Warner (Warner Media) and Disney plus Fox, leading other entertainment companies to seek new advantages through mergers.

With the increase in OTT video consumption, consumers are assessing the user experience and value proposition for all video services, including pay TV, based on their experiences with web or app-based video services. OTT video services have invested heavily in technologies for a more personal user experiences, like Netflix’s “Recommended for You” section, that has minimized the time between service access and the first video watched. This has driven consumer satisfaction up, leading to lower churn and higher adoption rates.

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