Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Parks Associates reveals the Top 10 OTT subscription services

Disney+ has moved into the top three of OTT services, according to new research from Parks Associates.

“While the Disney+ content portfolio may have allowed it to leapfrog stablemate Hulu in 2021 rankings, its position reaffirms the collective power of the Disney Bundle triumvirate: Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+,” said Paul Erickson, Director of Research, Parks Associates. “ViacomCBS’s successful rebrand and content-fueled reformulation of CBS All Access into Paramount+ have allowed it to leapfrog Apple TV+ into seventh place behind ESPN+, and time will tell if the service will break into the Top 5.”

From the article "Parks Associates reveals the Top 10 OTT subscription services" by Julian Clover. 

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