Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Parks: 3D TV awareness gradually increasing

A new report from Parks Associates, “Trends in 3DTV,” found that about 13% of households are familiar with 3D TV, up from about 10% from the previous quarter. That’s still a pretty lower number given the amount of promotional hype that has been dished out. More significantly, Parks found that up to 48% of these households might be willing to pay for some 3DTV content — specifically movies, as opposed to sporting events. The number of consumers willing to pay is far lower — one-third or less — when TV shows and sporting events constitute the bulk of 3D programming, Parks said.

However, Parks posits that all the hype over recent 3D TV telecasts, such as ESPN’s coverage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, still has not translated to a big boost in sales of 3D TV sets and that a wider array of available content could help drive the 3D TV evolution.

From the article, "Parks: 3D TV awareness gradually increasing" by Dan O'Shea

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