Friday, September 09, 2011

Park Associates Releases a New Research on Multiscreen TV Viewing Patterns

“Multiscreen access to live TV programming is available across Europe, but consumers want access to their recorded content,” said Brett Sappington, Director, Research, Parks Associates. “Consumers use PVRs to record their favorite shows, effectively creating a personalized TV playlist, and they value unfettered access to this programming. At our CONNECTIONS Europe conference, we will discuss strategies for operators to leverage this unmet demand to their benefit.”

47 percent of broadband households in Western Europe’s largest countries selected viewing recorded programs on any Internet-connected device as one of their top three features, given a choice of new TV features, including 3DTV, online video access, and multiscreen services, the report stated. By comparison, 30 percent selected live TV as one of their top preferences. The results are from Parks Associates’ consumer study Connected Consumer in Europe, the company has announced.

Recently, the company released a report where it noted that global smartphone sales surged more than 70 percent in 2010. Such a high sale figure, according to Parks Associates, is making app stores, social networking platforms, and cloud-based innovations force mobile operators to reexamine their business models and ensure improved connectivity and content access. Parks Associates conducts research through interviews, secondary research, quantitative and qualitative consumer research, focus groups, and trend analysis.

From the article, "Park Associates Releases a New Research on Multiscreen TV Viewing Patterns" by Raju Shanbhag


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