Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pandigital's Novel eReader: The Little Android Tablet That Could?

Though many new players are entering the market for Internet tablets, "there's still room for more advanced and sophisticated brands like Pandigital," Harry Wang, director of health and mobile product research with Parks Associates, told LinuxInsider.

By focusing on a smaller screen, Pandigital has made its device not only more portable but also more affordable, Wang noted.

"That's a great price point for this type of product," he said. "It makes it very competitive and very appealing to consumers, and the summer -- with Father's Day, graduations, etc. -- is very good timing for the product to hit the market."

Wang is also impressed with Pandigital's retail plans, and with the Barnes & Noble partnership for content.

His only concern: "I hope they can improve the battery life," which is roughly half that of the iPad, he said.

"If they can improve that, it will truly be a match in every aspect, and a great price point," Wang concluded.

From the article, "Pandigital's Novel eReader: The Little Android Tablet That Could?" by Katherine Noyes

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