New Whitepaper Addresses Privacy and Security Concerns for Connected Devices

by Parks Associates | Sep. 27, 2017

According to Parks Associates research, nearly half of consumers rank data security and privacy issues as their greatest concern about connecting devices to the Internet. Parks Associates and Alticast recently released the whitepaper, Cybersecurity: Turning Necessity into Business Opportunity, which provides an overview of current content security systems and the pain points in the transition from content security to big data security, with an emphasis on real-time threat detection using machine learning.

The whitepaper notes the rise of the software economy has given operators the ability to collect more information and data than ever before, including customer data, network quality and traffic data, and content asset-specific data. Parks Associates addresses how operators have the opportunity to be leaders in a data-driven economy, while setting an example to be good stewards of consumers’ personal data.

Additional whitepaper topics include:

  • Current security tactics for broadband and TV service operators
  • Methods to gain trust among consumers and promote the value of sharing personal data
  • Opportunities for operators in deploying automated cybersecurity systems
  • Emerging business opportunities for operators for which intelligent data security is an integral role
  • Expanding cybersecurity capabilities beyond the connected home

Cybersecurity: Turning Necessity into Business Opportunity also details the actions operators and data gatekeepers must take as connected devices proliferate through connected homes and consumer lifestyles. Additional research from the whitepaper includes:

  • 73% of U.S. broadband consumers express a desire to keep tight control over access to their personal data.
  • 24% of consumers agree that they receive a lot in return for sharing access to their data, while the majority do not believe they receive a lot in return.
  • Only 23% of broadband consumers ranked a pay-TV provider as one of their three most trustworthy companies, and only 5% indicate a pay-TV provider as the most trustworthy company.

To download this whitepaper, visit our website. To schedule an interview or to request data, contact Julia Homier at, 972.996.0214.

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