Wednesday, December 01, 1999

New Home Construction Spurs Market.

IBM and FutureSmart Networks do no have numbers available on individual subsystems, but Parks Associates' Home Systems Forecast Report shows penetration rates for the entire spectrum of home systems (lighting systems, intelligent HVAC systems, advanced entertainment systems, intelligent communication systems, etc.) have been edging up every year. Parks Associates projects the growth to continue through 2007.

On the low end of home controls, basic controllers (X-10 type basic multi-function lighting and appliance controllers), basic (do-it-yourself) security systems, programmable thermostats and universal remote controllers have emerged into mass-market status.

"Programmable thermostats and universal remotes are common enough that most people don't give them much attention any more, " said Steven Triolet, Parks Associates' security and home systems analyst.  "Basic controllers likewise have crossed beyond the early-adopter threshold. X-10 reports that they have shipped well over one hundred million units of home control products worldwide.   The other home systems  may not have garnered nearly as many installations due to higher prices and less consumer awareness, but a robust new housing market and continues interest from cross-industry participants will drive growth in home systems through the foreseeable future."

From the article "New Home Construction Spurs Market."

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