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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

NeuLion: Delivering the Next-Generation Viewing Experience to Consumers

Submitted by: Satish Annapureddy, Senior Director of Strategy and Business Development and CONNECTIONS 2015 Speaker

It is an exciting time to be in the TV and media industry as it undergoes a profound transformation, driven by the rapid growth and adoption of VoD and linear live OTT services and the advent of new technologies such as UHD, HDR, and WCG.

At the CONNECTIONS 2015 conference, I have the pleasure of participating in a panel titled, “4K/UHD TVs: The TV Landscape and Next Market Opportunity.” The panel will examine critical business and technology drivers that affect the 4K/UHD TV market.

According to research from Parks Associates, roughly half of all U.S. households with broadband Internet service subscribe to at least one OTT service. Many of those households spend more than $6 per month on average on OTT subscription video service(s). Furthermore, according to Deloitte’s latest Digital Democracy Survey, streaming content is overtaking live programming as the preferred viewing method by consumers. The report states that on a monthly basis, 56 percent of U.S. consumers stream movies and 53 percent of them stream TV programming — compared to only 45 percent who prefer to watch live television. With such a strong consumer demand for content over-the-top, coupled with a preference for more lifelike reproduction of reality provided by UHD, the TV industry must focus on the best ways to bring that next-generation viewing experience to consumers.

Our focus at Neulion is on empowering video service providers to offer these high-quality, interactive video experiences to consumers anytime, anywhere, and on any device. The NeuLion Digital Platform is a cloud-based suite of technologies that helps OTT and TV Everywhere operators manage large-scale delivery of live and on-demand video content while benefiting from cost savings and operational efficiencies. The platform is evolving to support next-generation streaming standards such as HEVC, MPEG-DASH, CENC, and CFF, so operators can deliver high quality content including 4K/HEVC to a wide range of devices.

Earlier this year, NeuLion acquired DivX®, which has uniquely positioned us as a leading technology provider of video encoding, digital rights management (DRM), and multi-screen playback solutions. The deal has also extended our reach to additional CE platforms. We’re now a partner of choice for integrated chipset manufacturer Broadcom as well as connected devices manufacturer LG Electronics. As UHD continues to make strides in the industry, acquiring DivX was a logical decision for us to leverage our ability to deliver 4K/UHD video, especially in the face of rising consumer expectations. 

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