Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Netgear’s Orbi router family expands range of home Wi-Fi

The Orbi Wi-Fi System was built with the understanding that your internet cable and computer aren’t always located in the center of your home. To compensate for that, the Orbi places one Wi-Fi unit where the internet comes into the home and another centrally to extend fast Wi-Fi access to more of the home.

But it also creates a dedicated 5-gigahertz, 1.7-gigabit per second channel between the base Orbi and the extended one, known as a satellite, so that you can get full internet access for devices that connect to the satellite Orbi unit. This could be very important for gamers, who often have game machines in dens or garages.

And it delivers maximum internet speeds no matter how many devices connect. That’s important, because the average broadband household has more than seven connected devices that can stream video, and emerging smart home devices are increasingly common, according to market researcher Parks Associates.

From the article "Netgear’s Orbi router family expands range of home Wi-Fi" by Dean Takahashi.

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