Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mullins: Target's woes go far beyond the data breach

Amazon is getting into every business concept on Earth. Not just dry goods online, but fresh grocery delivery in more markets. It's on a tear signing up people for Prime memberships, and I just spotted one astounding data point from Parks Associates. Fully 20 percent of people in America with a broadband connection have signed up to use the Amazon streaming media app on their TVs, computers or tablets. That's insane! From zero a couple years ago, Jeff Bezos now has a direct connection into the living rooms of one in five Americans with broadband, and the growth rate is 55 percent a year!

The Amazon drone delivery prank got some chuckles (it was a prank, right?), but Amazon is adding “lockers” in more markets, where Amazon will drop products the same day or overnight.

From the article, "Mullins: Target's woes go far beyond the data breach" by Richard Mullins.

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