Wednesday, August 14, 2013

More than half of broadband households can stream Internet to TV — Roku beats Apple TV

A new report from Parks Associates found that 55% of broadband households have access to streaming content on their TV. And while game consoles are the most popular type of device used to stream video to TVs (41%), dedicated streaming media devices like the Roku and Apple TV are gaining ground. “Their penetration roughly doubled in two years from 7% to 14% according to Barbara Kraus, Parks Associates’ director of research.

Roku beating Apple TV

The Roku, according to the report, ” is the most-used streaming video media device in the U.S.,” with 37% market share among households that stream video to a TV compared to 24% that primarily use Apple TV.

The report says that the number of households with dedicated streaming devices has doubled from 2011 and is now 14% of all households with broadband. All told, when you count game consoles, connected Blu-Ray players and other devices that let you watch Internet on TV.

Rapid growth

The research firm expects that the number of connected TV devices sold worldwide will reach 330 million annually by 2017.

The report predicts that “The home entertainment connected TV device ecosystem will experience more disruption as more companies enter the space. Industry players are developing hybrid set-top boxes (STBs) to stream live TV and developing multi-device unified interfaces.”

From the article, "More than half of broadband households can stream Internet to TV — Roku beats Apple TV" by Larry Magid.


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