More Linear Content for TV Everywhere: CNN and HLN

by Brett Sappington | Jul. 18, 2011

Rejoice all of you news-following pay TV customers...well, some of you anyway. Time Warner announced that they would be making simulcasts of their CNN and HLN news channels available online to Comcast, DISH Network, and Verizon subscribers. The content is available via CNN's website as well as on portable Apple devices, complete with all of the ads that we enjoy on the TV-version. The channels will be available on other mobile devices later in the year according to Time Warner officials.

As we travel through the second half of 2011, expect to see more TV Everywhere-oriented announcements as operators and content owners continue to hammer out the business plans and rights agreements around delivery of content to the other screens in the home.

- Brett Sappington, Senior Analyst

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