Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mobile Apps Influence Consumer Behavior

Mobile apps are being downloaded at a rapid pace and changing consumer habits. That's according to a new study by Parks Associates. As a result, midsize firms are thinking about the best ways to benefit from the trends and improve their applications.

Usage Patterns

In North America alone, it is estimated that the number of smartphone and tablet application downloads will skyrocket to 7 billion by the end of 2013, according to Parks Associates. In an article featured in the E-Commerce Times, the firm found that the rise of application downloads has a direct relationship to the use of traditional media devices, such as televisions. Specifically, Parks Associates found that around 35 percent of mobile device owners used applications to search for information about products, or looked up programming information and services, as they watched television. This means that mobile applications are able to influence people even as they are engaged in the use of other technologies.

Developers today, especially those involved with midsize firms, are in the race to create the optimum app that can take advantage of increased mobility among consumers. Parks Associates notes that developers are on the hunt for applications that can work across today's most popular platforms like Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows. Cost is an important factor. Also, the availability of developer tools is key to success.

The Future of the App

Application innovation will continue to change. According to Parks Associates, more than 60 percent of American households will be using a smart TV. Just how applications will evolve based on that prediction is yet to be seen - but more changes are on the way.

From the article, "Mobile Apps Influence Consumer Behavior" by Marissa Tejada.

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