Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Microsoft's Xbox 360 Outsells Sony's PS3 on Black Friday

Top Tech News"Microsoft has a $199 Xbox 360 Arcade console, which is the cheapest of all three consoles. The entry-level Xbox is $50 cheaper than the [Nintendo] Wii and $200 cheaper than the [Sony] PS3," said Michael Cai, a video-game analyst at Parks Associates. "So if the majority of the units Microsoft sold were from that price point, then obviously it's not surprising. In this economy people want in-home entertainment -- but they also want cheaper entertainment."

Traditionally, Cai said, video-game consoles reach mass adoption when the price drops below $200. Microsoft is the first to achieve that goal, in part, because the Xbox 360 was the first console released in the current generation.

"In this economy you do have a lot more bargain hunters and the price tag for the PS3 is likely to scare away some of the potential buyers in this environment than in a normal economic environment," Cai said.

"There's no question that PS3 will come in last," he added. "I also would anticipate the Wii still outselling the Xbox 360 for the holiday season because the Wii was constrained by supply until recently. Nintendo has pumped up their production capacity and you can see a Wii almost everywhere. With that, the Wii is selling well."

From the article, "Microsoft's Xbox 360 Outsells Sony's PS3 on Black Friday" by Jennifer LeClaire

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