Friday, July 01, 2016

mHealth Study: Caregivers Want Medication Management Help

A study by Parks Associates finds that 11 percent of today’s caregivers are using mHealth tools that feature medication lists and reminders. However, that same study found that 27 percent of caregivers are interested in using those tools – as are 41 percent of Americans who expect to care for a loved one in the future.

"More than 115 million Americans will require caregiving assistance by 2020, and their caregivers will include both medical professionals and family members," Harry Wang, senior research director for the Dallas-based market research and consulting company, said in remarks accompanying the study. "Caregivers are interested in new technologies like medication management tools, but only 11 percent are presently using apps with this ability. There is great potential for future growth in this area, along with other caregiver support solutions such as remote patient monitoring and patient communication and engagement tools."

From the article "mHealth Study: Caregivers Want Medication Management Help" by Eric Wicklund.

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