Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Logitech Acquires Slim Devices, Pioneer in Network-Based Music Systems

In a recent survey of online households in the U.S., conducted by research firm Parks Associates, nearly half of respondents characterized as music aficionados indicated very high interest in the ability to listen to any song, whenever they want, wherever they are, and one third of these respondents were very interested in listening to Internet or computer-based music/audio on their stereo. According to Parks Associates Chief Executive Officer Tricia Parks, “We forecast music downloads, online radio and music-subscription services at close to $1 billion in 2006 for the U.S. alone. We forecast that amount to increase in the U.S. to over $3 billion annually by 2010. Those figures don´t even count the hardware revenues from necessary adapters and controllers. Clearly, Logitech´s timing for the acquisition of Slim Devices is excellent, just as it was for the acquisition of the Harmony remote business. This fills out Logitech´s wireless music line, and offers audiophiles interested in high-fidelity sound their own network solution.”

From the article, "Logitech Acquires Slim Devices, Pioneer in Network-Based Music Systems "


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