Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Knowledge is Power - CEDIA Launches 2014 Market Research Project

CEDIA (the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) has re -appointed industry specialist, Parks Associates, to carry out extensive market research into the UK residential custom installation sector for the third consecutive year. The project will run from the 20th June until 30th September 2014. Designed to assess the health and future prospects for the sector, the research will quantify companies currently installing residential custom installation products, determine the size of the industry, evaluate the total economic value of installation and report on general market conditions and project metrics.

This market research provides an essential tool for growing companies to understand what products are actively sought, to distinguish key market trends and it even helps custom installers to decide where to focus their initiative. In previous years, approximately a quarter of the industry has participated in this survey.

CEDIA will once again call upon the home technology industry to support its efforts in accruing valuable data. Participants will have the opportunity to win a range of prizes including three VIP tickets to ISE 2015 and one grand prize which will be revealed in the coming months.

To take part in the survey, links will be distributed and supported directly through CEDIA communications and via CEDIA trade supplier members.

“We are excited to begin our third year of market research,” explains Wendy Griffiths, Executive Director of CEDIA Region 1. “Thanks to strong participation from the industry we have been able to provide high-value information on the size and scope of the residential custom installation sector in the previous two years. As we continue to invest in high quality market research, we will be able to build on this data, with greater insight into business growth and trends.” Specialising in emerging consumer technology products and services, Parks Associates have delivered rich data results for CEDIA Region 1 (the UK, Europe, and the CIS, Middle East, Africa, India and Pakistan) over the previous two years. For many years, Parks Associates has worked closely with CEDIA in the US on annual market research projects for the industry. 

From the article "Knowledge is Power - CEDIA Launches 2014 Market Research Project."

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