IoT Solutions to Improve Consumer Health

by Parks Associates | Jul. 30, 2018

As connected devices gain more popularity in the home, companies are making moves to include the health of their consumers in their products. Heads of broadband households are beginning to see devices and services aimed towards taking care of themselves as they age, especially for when they reach retirement. With 60% of broadband households with a head 40 years or older, it’s critical for companies to provide services that make their older consumers feel better about living independently. Parks Associates’ new Consumer Health Attitudes and IoT Home Living Features, covers the needs, desires, and solutions for aging heads of households in broadband homes.

With accidents more prone to happen as consumers age, one of the most important features to older consumers is an emergency alert system. According to Parks Associates, 45% of consumers in U.S. broadband households rate emergency alert systems as useful and one-third are interested in a product that will alert family members in an emergency situation. However, while 48% of heads of household 65 and up find these alerts useful, only 27% are willing to pay for it, which will likely be a challenge for companies to overcome as they produce more health-related services.

With connected devices and smart home innovations, it is highly likely that the next few years will see a spike in at-home-healthcare. Companies wishing to stay ahead of the curve are beginning to invest and create for specific caregiving needs, which can greatly improve the lives of the aging generations in the new technological world.

Download a copy of Market Snapshot: Consumer Health Attitudes and IoT Home Living Features to learn more about the role of IoT solutions in improving the quality of life for aging consumers. 

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